NFT Game Blankos Block Party to Launch on the Epic Games Store

This presents another big win for the NFTs that will make them more accessible to a global audience. The owners of these assets can now take their game and sell it on any platform they choose, making this one of the first times that blockchain has seen such widespread adoption in gaming.

The “blankos block party download” is a game that will be released on the Epic Games Store. The game is made with NFTs and it’s a multiplayer game.

Blankos Block Party, a game powered by NFT and released by Mythical Games, is the newest release in the Epic Games Store. The Web3 game created for Mac users will now be accessible to the almost 200 million users of the Epic Games Store, despite having reportedly had one million players.

Blankos Block Party, a “safe NFT game,” was released in beta in December 2020. It allows users to collaborate and communicate across a variety of colourful 3D landscapes. By enabling players to buy NFT digital clothing that their own metaverse avatars may subsequently wear, the game integrates blockchain technology. The resources may either be pooled to create additional NFTs or sold again on the Mythical market.

It is still widely believed that Gala Games’ GRIT will be the first NFT game to appear on the shop, even if a debut date for Blankos Block Party on the Fortnite creators’ marketplace is remains TBA. John Linden, a co-founder of Mythical Games, said that the game’s first release on the Epic Games Store would be similar to its current Mac version, providing the only actual information about the launch’s specifications to yet.

However, Linden added that when Blankos is released on the Epic marketplace, it will leave the “early access phase” that it has been in for a while. As a result, with assistance from the company’s consortium of gaming experts who have worked for companies like Activision, Oculus, and EA, the game will likely receive a significant number of upgrades once it is made available to Epic’s mass market.


The “how to play blankos block party” is a game that will be available on the Epic Games Store. It’s an NFT game and it’s been in development for over two years.

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