NFT Expoverse LA, year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo

The year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo is happening on June 12th at the LA Convention Center. It will be hosting over 250 speakers, 1500 exhibitors, and 100+ different virtual assets. This event puts a spotlight on blockchain-powered games like CryptoKitties which have become an unprecedented phenomenon in gaming history

The “nft expo 2022” is the year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo. The event will take place in Los Angeles, California on November 8-10th.

With the NFT Expoverse LA just around the horizon, we felt it was about time to provide some further information about the event. It takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29 to July 31.

We want to provide our readers some insight into what visitors to the NFT Expoverse LA may anticipate as media partners.

Additionally, a 10% discount on tickets for an already low-cost event is available.

The NFT community as a whole will be represented at the Expo.

Whether you’re just starting out on your NFT adventure or working on cutting-edge NFT technology, there’s something here for you.

Subjects and speakers at the NFT Expoverse LA

The ways in which NFTs will penetrate various aspects of life will be examined. There will be discussions on how technological advancements will affect “Web 3.0, DeFi, dApps, cryptocurrencies, P2E gaming, and NFT artworks and collectibles” in the future.

Furthermore, there are over 150 NFT and tech influencers and educators on the lineup that can answer your inquiries. There will also be lectures and Q&A sessions on a variety of Web3 technology-related subjects. 

Arif Khan of Alethea AI and Pindar Dimerdag of Seyhan Lee LLC will discuss “How AI Will Shape the Metaverse,” which is one of the highlights for attendees.

There are now expert discussions on The Future of Gaming: What You Need to Know if you are into gaming and P2E. 

Other topics covered include.

  • How to Make Money using Blockchain
  • The Impact of NFTs on the Music Industry
  • Taking your Web 2.0 business to the next level with Blockchain and Web 3.0
  • Breaking Paradigms in Crypto and NFT Laws and Regulations
  • As a creator, how can you use NFTs to your advantage?
  • Breaking Paradigms in Crypto and NFT Laws and Regulations
  • In the Metaverse, NFTs
  • DeFi: The Crypto ‘Wild West’
  • NFTs and AI are on the approach of merging.

These are far from the only topics to be discussed. A more thorough list of speakers and topics may be found here.

Network at NFT Expo

At the event, there were a number of exhibitors.

Exhibitors represent many aspects of the Blockchain, AI, and NFT industries. Individual digital artists to major industry-wide creative organizations at the cutting edge of technology are available. 

You may network with known, successful businesses as well as new enterprises joining the industry at NFT Expoverse LA. 

Alternatively, you may use VR and AR technology to watch individual digital artists produce new digital art in real time. 

Why not strike up a conversation? 

You may also take a stroll through the NFT galleries. 

After that, you may speak with some of the most cutting-edge digital artists working in the blockchain art world. Learn what motivates them to create crypto art.

All things Metaverse will have a presence at the NFT Expoverse LA. 

The Metaverse’s creators will bring the technology right to you, with early access privileges for those who attend the event.

Again, the NFT Expoverse website has a comprehensive list.

Exhibitors, sports teams, artists, singers, fashion labels, and digital metaverse pioneers will all be handing out special NFT drops to attendees.

Finally, there is a VIP after-party where you may relax and mingle with industry insiders.

Anyone with even a smidgeon of interest in blockchain and NFT technologies should seize the opportunity to attend this fantastic event. 

This caliber of NFT event does not come along very frequently. 

Do not overlook!!! 

For the NFT Expoverse LA, you may utilize the 10% discount voucher. 

Take pleasure in the performance.

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The “NFT Expoverse LA, year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo” is a conference that is being held in Los Angeles this September. The conference will be hosted by the Crypto Block Summit, which was founded in 2017. Reference: blockchain summit 2022.

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