NFT Ethics – Exposing the Worst Members of the Community

NFTs are the future of digital gaming. But what happens when you have bad actors in your community? How can these people be identified and removed from NFT games before they ruin them for everyone else?

The “nft ethical issues” is a topic that has been discussed in the crypto community. The article will discuss and expose the worst members of the community.

The NFT world is not without its hazards, since it is a relatively young business currently establishing its feet. As a consequence, the landscape is littered with people with bad intentions attempting to take advantage of their gullible following, with no infrastructure in place to hold them responsible.

However, all is not lost, as a number of independent groups have sprung up to fill the legislative hole. The NFT Ethics Twitter account is one such great endeavor. An excellent resource for in-depth investigation of dodgy initiatives as well as exposing high-profile yet genuinely disagreeable NFT members.

1/ It would be worthwhile to provide some context on Crypto888crypto, who has been active in the crypto industry for quite some time, hawking low Market Cap (MC) alt currencies. He’s deleted a lot of tweets and verified it, but we still have all of them.

— February 13, 2022, NFT Ethics (@NFTethics)

Each well researched thread focuses on the most recent NFT scandal, offering a clear and succinct history of the operation, including sources and proof to back it up, as well as having the courage to stand up against some of the industry’s greatest names. The Twitter account serves a valuable service to the community by keeping followers up to date on the newest malicious developments.

The ultimate result is a flawless study that has a significant impact on today’s NFT ecology. For everyone involved in the sphere, this is the first place they should go. The distinguished people of NFT Ethics should be followed if there is one single thread that everyone should follow.

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The “nft for artists” is a project that was created to help artists who want to use NFTs in their work. The project includes a blog and an online store where you can buy the artwork of the creators.

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