NFT Emotes are Coming to Decentraland—Get the First Ones at MVFW!

In the long run, NFTs like Emotes are going to be a big part of virtual reality. They’re more than just avatars, they’re interactive and dynamic in ways that mere pixels can’t achieve. The question is when will we see them on Decentraland? To help answer this question, MVFW has created an exclusive sale for DCL token holders with 25% off their purchase!

The “metaverse fashion week decentraland” is a virtual world that allows users to purchase and own land. The first emote available in the store was created by the team at MVFW.

This article first appeared on Decentraland.

The first NFT emotes to be released into the world will be handed out for free at an unique statue in the new Luxury District, first come, first served.

To claim an NFT emote, repeat the ‘Money’ emote in front of the statue until the progress meter at the bottom fills up, at which point one of three distinct fashion-related NFT emotes will appear in your emote bag (while supplies last, at a limit of one per person).

How to obtain your MVFW NFT emote is as follows:


The three separate NFT emotes have varying degrees of rarity and will be traded on the Marketplace, so go locate the statue and see what you can acquire!


This is only a basic overview of Decentraland’s NFT emotes. There will be many more in the future, and Creators will eventually be able to create their own. When the opportunity arises, we’ll make sure to keep you informed.

We’ve improved the emote UI just in time for the inclusion of new emotes to your Decentraland experience! You may now assign numbers to your emotes and prioritize them so that you can utilize your favorite emotes more simply and fast. This will give you the upper hand in your next dancing competition!

To see the new Emote UI in action, watch this video:


With a customisable emote window, you can control your avatar like never before!

  • To access the emotes UI, press B, then E to access the emote customisation window.
  • Select ‘Done’ after placing your preferred emotes in slots 0-9
  • To have your avatar do an emote, hold down B and the number key for the emote you want to use. Violà!

You’ll need a special Fashion Week NFT Emote if you want to walk the runway!

As an example:

As if Loading…

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