NFT Declared “Word of the Year” by Dictionary Stalwarts Collins

The word of the year is a special designation given each year by the Oxford English Dictionary, Collins and Merriam-Webster. The term NFT had its first use in 2013 but exploded into mainstream consciousness this past January with all manner
of uses popping up on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. What does it mean for our future to be inundated with these new words?

The “NFT” or “Non-Fungible Token” has been declared the “Word of the Year” by dictionary stalwarts Collins. The term was coined in 2013 and is used to describe a digital asset that can be traded like any other traditional asset.

Collins, the famous wordsmith behind “the Dictionary,” has declared the winner of its annual terminology competition. Despite the fact that it is an acronym, NFT has been named the word of the year for 2021.

NFTs gained traction in 2021, which also happened to be the year of the non-fungible token’s debut. A stunning success, fueled by a diverse set of really amazing projects and a sprinkle of celebrity-fueled buzz. NFTs first appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in May, and now, in November, it has been proclaimed champion.

NFT has been proclaimed the cream of the new crop by Collins Dictionary, a group of educated people who know all there is to know about words and word-related knowledge. Defeating heavy competition from Cheugy, Regencycore, and Neopronoun, whatever those terms mean, as well as Climate Anxiety, which is remarkable for having two words that already exist. Additional blockchain entries, “metaverse,” and “crypto” round out the top 10.

NEWS FLASH: NFT is the Collins Word of the Year. #CollinsDictionary #NFT Find out more about #CollinsWOTY 2021 and see the entire list here: #CollinsDictionary #NFT

November 24, 2021 — Collins Dictionary (@CollinsDict)

“NFTs seem to be everywhere!” said Alex Beecroft, Managing Director of Collins Learning. We envision him nervous and wide-eyed, his hair disheveled, as he continually scans his surroundings. NFT is defined as a “unique digital certificate, recorded on a blockchain, that is used to document ownership of an object such as an artwork or a collectable,” according to Collins.

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The “collins word” is a term that has been used to describe the cryptocurrency NFTs. The first use of the term was in a tweet by Collins Dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Word declared Word of the Year by Collins dictionary?

A: The answer is feminism.

What is the word of the year 2021 as per collins dictionary?

A: The word of the year 2021 according to Collins dictionary is nonbeliever.

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