NFT Charity Raffle — Raising Money for those Fleeing the War

A charity raffle was made for those who donated to the campaign. All were invited, but only a few could win the rare chance of owning an amazing piece by Stefanie Preissner.

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We’re holding a raffle for a lovely Unidragon with a Ukrainian theme, as well as a Ukrainian Unidonkey for everyone who enters.

The people of Ukraine, as much of the world is well aware, are subjected to horrible crimes on a daily basis. They see, confront, and persist in the face of natural disasters that most of the world had believed mankind would never face again.

In this time of tremendous need, Polychain Monsters would like to provide a hand to people escaping the violence in Ukraine – ordinary folks whose lives have been turned upside down in an instant. To do so, we’re holding an NFT raffle on BSC, with 100% of the profits going to the Binance Charity’s Humanity First — Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund.

Fans are invited to purchase raffle tickets, which cost 0.01 BNB apiece, for a chance to win a unique new Polymon. The Ukrainian Unidragon, located just outside of Kyiv, has been selected as the ultimate prize for our lottery winner.


The Ukrainian Unidragon, known in folklore as the unwavering defender of Kyiv, is a steadfast guardian of peace and sovereignty. No amount of misfortune can shatter its legendary character, which is strong-willed and passionate.

The raffle will begin at 1:00 p.m. UTC on March 17th and finish at 5:00 p.m. UTC on March 24th. You may buy raffle tickets at this link: Charity Raffle.

Even if you don’t win, all raffle contestants will get something unique to remember and appreciate their support for our fundraising event: the Ukrainian Unidonkey!


The Ukrainian Unidonkey, who hails from the lovely city of Kyiv, has dedicated its life to promoting peace and liberty for everyone. It serves as a dazzling emblem for people who promote peace and togetherness in the globe, wearing the blue and yellow colors of its birthplace.

No matter how many raffle tickets you purchase, you can only get one Ukrainian Unidonkey each wallet, and they don’t have a Collector Score – they’re only here as a mark of our thanks inside their own collection. They will eventually be put to your collector pages (again, with no points), but they will remain simply in your wallets until then.

Similarly, the Ukrainian Unidragon does not have a Collector Score associated to it, since we want this charity event to be about helping our fellow humans.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukraine, her people, and their fight for peace and independence. Ukraini slava slava slava slava slava s

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