New Wax Studios P2E Strategy Game ‘Music Mogul’ Launches First NFT Sale – And Sells Out Immediately

Wax Studios, the creator of Subversia: a strategy game in which players compete for control of an ever-expanding map by building and destroying structures, has announced their new release Music Mogul. The title lets players build up fake music stars from scratch before selling them off on secondary markets – but only if they can secure enough tokens to buy ‘leverage’ with early adopters betting against these false superstars.

The “wax smart chain” is a new token on the Wax Studios platform that allows players to purchase exclusive in-game items. The sale was successful, selling out immediately.

Music Mogul, a brand-new play-to-earn (P2E) hit from Wax Studios, has sold all 5,000 of its first “Pop Genre Artist Talent Packs.”

The autumn release of the P2E strategy game provides the tantalizing possibility of creating your own, musical empire.

On June 28, 2022, at 10 am PST/1 pm EST, buyers picked up the NFT packets, which had five degrees of rarity.

Each pack cost around $75 in WAXP, providing buyers the chance to advance in their goal to become a legendary music mogul.

Each NFT Pack has a diverse assortment of 25 NFTs that may be found in five (5) various rarities, ranging from one (1) star to five (5) stars.

The five degrees of rare are “Live Show Luminary,” “Music Video Maestro,” “Stadium Superstar,” and “Busking Beginner.”

Given that the game is being created by some of the brightest brains in the industry, especially Mike Rubinelli and his colleagues at Wax Studios, the rush to purchase the packs was not unexpected.

After the release of Blockchain Brawlers, Wax Studios has returned with another another ground-breaking idea that will undoubtedly hit all the right notes with the blockchain gaming community. 

In essence, the game challenges your abilities as a music mogul and offers you the chance to leave a lasting impression on the music business.

Building a broad roster of musicians is your goal as the owner of a musical empire as you experience what it’s like to unearth, cultivate, and generate creative potential. 

Musicians may be transformed into superstars with the game’s “Music Mogul Star Maker.” In fact, individuals who were fortunate enough to get one of the first 5000 packets will already be honing their making skills.

“Crafting and boosting star levels will be a vital aspect of your record label empire-building experience, allowing you the ability to develop your performers and take control of your own music company,” Wax said on its Medium channel. You’ll need the ideal balance of low and high-power performers to do this (much more information to come on this issue, so stay tuned).

NFT holders will soon be able to examine their inventory score and gauge competition on a Power Score Leaderboard.

With this game’s unheard-of play-to-earn mechanisms, Wax Studios hopes to test players’ strategic thinking on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

On Discord, Mike Rubinelli, who goes under the alias “Just Mike,” also shared some intriguing information. “The daily concerts would be limited by rarity and genre,” he said. You will get more of a certain currency for the high-level jobs you perform.

The weekly song streaming competition is a worldwide charting competition divided up by musical genre, and you will use that currency to create a tune to compete.

Like in the actual music business, money made must be used to cover overhead costs, such as employing a sound engineer, renting a mixing board, hiring music sessions, and, of course, buying new equipment.

Mike also disclosed that you would earn more money the higher up on the chart you are. The better your components work together, the greater your chances are of scoring a coveted number one hit!

We look forward to learning more about Music Mogul. For now, keep checking back for additional developments.

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The “Music Mogul” is a new game that has launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The game allows players to create their own music label, and release their own songs on the platform. Reference: nft gaming crypto.

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