New Brand Ambassador and Investor at Sorare

Sorare is a decentralized gaming platform that has its own token, the SORA. Sorare’s goal is to disrupt the online game industry and change their paradigms of monetization in order to become sustainable.

The “so rare” is an NFT that represents the brand ambassador and investor at Sorare. The asset was created on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be found in the Crypto category.

Yes, the renowned French soccer player has chosen to collaborate with Sorare, an NFT fantasy football game. He will support the initiative as an investor and ambassador thanks to this collaboration. 

One of the best football players in the world, Kylian Mbappé plays for both Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team. Mbappé is becoming involved in the NFT industry, much like Cristiano Ronaldo and other prominent athletes.

Positive Reaction to the Announcement of the Global Ambassador

Both the Sorare community and Mbappé’s international fan base responded favorably to the news.

🔥 @Sorare is born in 2018. @KMbappe scores twice in the World Cup final to win it. Sorare surpasses 250 clubs in 2021 and becomes the greatest fantasy football game in the world. Already a five-time Ligue 1 champion, Kylian 2022: Sorare and Kylian team together to completely alter the game! More after the image.

29th June 2022, Nicolas Julia (@ni2las)

Additionally, Mbappé’s involvement with Sorare as an investor and brand ambassador will have a positive impact on his humanitarian endeavors over the long run and raise awareness of NFTs in the athletic world.  

High Sorare Trading and Sales Volume

The secondary sales of Sorare NFT have recently surged by an astonishing 800%. Additionally, appointing a superstar athlete like Mbappé as the ambassador would increase the NFT game’s secondary sales and draw in additional players.

Data shows that Sorare NFTs have maintained their remarkable performance during the weak market. Sorare achieved a new sales record last week by bringing in more over $10 million. This amount is comparable to the $12 million in sales made by Bored Ape Yacht Club.

What Sets Sorare Apart?

To play the game, Sorare uses NFTs as playing cards in their Play to Earn fantasy football league, which is a novel strategy. 

Users of Sorare may purchase, sell, and exchange real-world cards of players from more than 250 different international professional football clubs. You must buy at least five player cards to assemble your squad before you can begin playing. After acquiring your NFTs, you join a league system where you utilize cards to create focused lineups and get points depending on how well the players perform in real-world situations.

The total number of points your team has accrued will determine where your team finishes in the league. Players may receive incentives in Ethereum every week, which they can either cash out or spend to bolster their squad.

Value of Sorare NFT Game in the Market

Approximately 2 million people have signed up for the game as of right now, and they have generated over $350 million in NFT trading sales on the secondary market. Furthermore, Sorare secured $680 million in Series B fundraising in September 2021, raising the company’s value to $4.3 billion.

Growing Sorare Partnerships

With more soccer clubs and leagues using the platform, Sorare collaborations are continuing to expand. They also just disclosed a big agreement with the MLB.

The NFT game’s larger debut was made possible by Sorare’s productive collaboration with MLB players. Sorare MLB game will only pay attention to the 30 teams in the league and try to make a strong impression in the US. 

It is understandable that US tennis star Serene Williams and soccer great Gerard Piqué are among the biggest celebrities investing in the Sorare. With the unveiling of Kylian Mbappe, Sorare expands their pool of investors by one more well-known athlete. 


The announcement that Kylian Mbappe would be a Sorare investor and brand ambassador is thrilling and will undoubtedly result in a surge of new users among Mbappe’s devoted following. In fact, if recent secondary market sales for Sorare are any indication, the agreement may already be having a good effect.

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