Nearly 17,000 Apply for Land as RavenQuest Announces Land Sale

RavenQuest has announced the sale of 15,000 acres to be used as a game reserve for their online NFTs. The announcement is seen by many as a move that will help drive more adoption of blockchain tech in gaming and esports.

The “Nearly 17,000 Apply for Land as RavenQuest Announces Land Sale near South Australia” is a story about the land auction that was held by RavenQuest. The company sold nearly 17,000 acres of land in the state of South Australia.

RavenQuest is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG featuring a retro-styled graphic style. Players may immerse themselves in an immersive and ever-changing universe replete with story, riddles, and player autonomy, thanks to a lush and highly detailed open world that has been constructed over the last five years. 

Passive revenue is a vital feature of Raven Quest, which is supported by the game’s forthcoming Land sale. Raven Quest has a robust player-driven economy that incorporates self-balancing algorithms at its foundation.

Land Sale

On June 5th, the RavenQuest Land Sale will take place. The Land may be used to construct dwellings on when it has been minted, as well as to participate in laborer chores such as Husbandry, Woodcutting, and a variety of other activities. It is possible to harvest materials here, which may subsequently be utilized to build and sell Tradepacks.

Each Land will also be accompanied by a set of detailed data that define its production and worth. Product Tiles, Rooms, Perks, Worker Beds, Stamina Recharding, and Durability Recharging are some of these measures. The quantity of Lands is restricted, and they may only be purchased via the Land Sale’s set supply, or by spending a specified sum of $SBT on a secondary market.

Small ($60), Medium ($300), Large Estates ($1,500), Strongholds ($7,500), and Forts ($30,000) are the five types of land available for purchase. Any Land piece purchased will be accompanied by climate-conscious measures, such as tree planting to counteract deforestation and tiger relocation to wildlife sanctuaries.

Only 3,465 Approved Settlers (3,000 of whom were in the Discord community) were chosen from 16,800 Whitelist applicants. Community partnerships, airdrops, and competitions contributed a little over 1,300 of these. The remaining 2,100 applications were accepted from the Whitelist, giving in a 12.5 percent acceptance rate.

Only 400 pieces of Land will be available for purchase in Round 1 (50 percent reduced Land Sale), which is an exceptionally low quantity that represents only 1/25th of the project’s entire availability. To meet the project’s worldwide user base, the sale will be divided into two halves, with the first (supply of 250) beginning at 11 a.m. PT on June 5th and the second (supply of 150) beginning at 8 p.m. PT on June 5th.

The overall supply of RavenQuest Land is ten thousand, and gamers may get information on the availability of each variety on the project’s website.

Other Components

Moas are creatures that dwell on Lands and may be bred, gathered, or sold to obtain competitive advantages over other Land plots. There are also over 500,000 individual employees (each with their own set of stats) to hire, as well as ships and wagons that may be employed for navigation.

Players will also be able to acquire fully drawn Ravencards NFTs, which they may use to customize their own character, gather materials for weapon crafting, and combat other players with. Players may then compete in Arena Ladder and PvP Tournament bouts to gain additional money if they win. 

The Team

RavenQuest was created by a team of specialists with backgrounds in art, animation, illustration, blockchain engineering, narrative writing, UI/UX design, software development, game design, and more. 

Third-party specialists in disciplines like as blockchain technology, marketing, strategy, tokenomics, and more are also consulted by the game. 



With all of the core stages and four Alpha stages completed, RavenQuest’s only remaining stages are the Final Alpha and Open Beta, which will be used to find and repair any remaining bugs. 

Of course, this covers the land sale, as well as the Arena System, New Dynamic Tutorial, IDO, Marketplace, and Eternal Release development. 

Staking rounds, token burning, a political system, Arena tournaments, Moa racing, a prehistoric expansion, and much more are anticipated to be added at a TBA period in the future. 

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The “opensea polkafantasy” is a game that has been released by RavenQuest. The sale of the land in Polk County, Florida starts at $5000 USD and includes a $2000 bonus for each acre purchased.

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