NBA Top Shot Pays Homage to Magic Johnson in New NFT Drop

Magic Johnson is one of the most accomplished players in NBA history, winning three championships and even becoming a business mogul. In this new sports game NFT, fans can earn coins to help pay their respect to Magic by adding them as an assistant coach.

The “top shot nba cards” is a new NFT that pays homage to the NBA legend, Magic Johnson. The card features a portrait of the basketball player on one side and his stats on the reverse. Players can collect these cards by playing the game or purchasing them with in-game currency.

NBA Top Shot is launching an NFT collection centered on Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson to pay tribute to possibly the greatest point guard of all time. As a result, the 5x NBA champion, 3x Finals MVP, 3x NBA MVP, and 12x NBA All-most Star’s critical and historic moments will be indelibly carved into the blockchain.

The collection, called “The Anthology: Magic Johnson,’ will be available for purchase on the NBA Top Shot platform on June 7th, with 1,600 NFT packs available for $399 apiece. Each pack will contain one Moment NFT from the Rare or Legendary tiers, with Rare tier NFTs depicting Johnson’s ‘Platter Pass’ and ‘Game Winner vs. Celtics’ (during the 1987-88 season), and Legendary tier NFTs depicting Johnson’s ‘Rookie Start at Center in the Finals’ in the 1979-80 season, as well as his ‘Around the Body Pass’ in 1984-85.

Despite the fact that there seem to be plenty of packs available, 1,200 of them will be airdropped to players with a Top Shot score of at least 150,000 (placing them in a ‘priority queue’), leaving just 400 packs accessible in the ‘public queue’ (which do not require a NBA Top Shot score to be purchased).

“I’m incredibly pleased to join with @nbatopshot to release my first NFTs and deliver some of my best Moments from my career to fans globally,” Johnson said on Twitter, expressing his enthusiasm for the release. Fans will be able to watch a couple of my best plays from throughout my career!” 


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