Nansen Connect to Rival Discord as Hub for NFT Communities

In 2018, the Nansen Connect to Discord project was created as a hub for communities developing and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform is available on both desktop and mobile, making it easily accessible.

The “Nansen Connect to Rival Discord as Hub for NFT Communities” is a news article that discusses the use of Discord as a hub for cryptocurrency communities.

Nansen’s new chat service, ‘Nansen Connect,’ is set to become a direct rival to Discord, the current sanctuary for NFT community activity and the (more than) odd NFT fraud. Unlike Discord, which has a user base that extends beyond Web3, the software will require users to link their crypto wallets in order to utilize its services, and individuals will be automatically assigned to groups based on their confirmed holdings.

Nansen, which bills itself as a “crypto-native communications center,” will leverage data and features from its previous platform to improve the user experience of its messaging app. This implies Nansen Connect users will have access to data on factors like current holdings, crypto net worth, and transaction history of persons and projects, allowing for comprehensive Web3-related contextualisation of their interactions and choices on the platform. 

“Users may hold influencers and other project leaders to account by monitoring treasuries and dumping in real time, and some members may be elevated because they’re proven holders,” said Paul Harwood, Nansen’s product manager, while discussing the features. All of this data will be freely available, and we’re excited to see how it influences the discourse.” 

Intuitively, Harwood feels that requiring users to link a crypto wallet in order to utilize the site would assist to prevent security breaches that are common on Discord, since only verified users can access particular forums. The app’s security will be reinforced by the fact that all direct communications will be encrypted end-to-end. 

Nansen has claimed that the platform would first start with a restricted base of users, who will be made up of members to its analytics service as well as owners of high-profile Ethereum NFTs, despite the lack of a release date in the company’s formal announcement.

However, Nansen intends to progressively onboard additional communities to the app, with groups like Pudgy Penguins, CyberKongz, Hashmasks, and KaijuKingz already announcing their intention to abandon Discord in favor of Nansen Connect as their new community center. 

Smart money channels and user trading will be introduced to the app in the future. 

Watch a demo of Nansen Connect >> Here 


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