Myria announces free-to-claim Alliance Sigil NFT for all new and existing community members

The Alliance Sigil (Sigil) is a digital token for use in the blockchain-powered MMORPG game, Myria. The token was generated by players and given free on launch to all community members who wanted to claim one. With no trading or mining required, it’s now available as an NFT that allows anyone to own their unique piece of virtual space in the world’s first decentralized MMO!

  • To show their opposition to “the Rift,” citizens of the Myriaverse must join an Alliance — Federation, Vector Prime, or Equinox — and execute tasks to earn an Alliance Sigil NFT.
  • Each Alliance Sigil NFT will also provide extra functionality and access, which will be disclosed at a later time.

SINGAPORE, June 8, 2022: Myria Studios, Myria’s blockchain gaming subsidiary, has announced that it would award its community members with its first NFT drop, a free-to-claim Alliance Sigil NFT. All new and current Myria community members may grab the unique NFT for free for a short period.

The Alliance Sigil NFT is a part of the Myriaverse’s deep narrative, and it will represent each holder’s position in the struggle against “The Rift,” a formidable force that absorbs physical worlds and mutates them into digital ones. Holders of the Sigil NFT will also have access to another utility that will be disclosed at a later date.

Participants must accomplish basic goals, such as joining and introducing themselves to the Myria Discord group, in order to claim their selected Alliance Sigil NFT, and may also opt to complete further missions to claim additional uncommon gifts.

Members may join one of three Alliances: Federation, which aims to oppose the Rift’s growth on all fronts; Vector Prime, which thinks mankind is overdue for an evolution and would go to any length to hasten the Rift’s spread; or Equinox, which advocates for balance and cooperation.

The Myriaverse’s rich story will be shared throughout Myria Studios’ linked gaming worlds and metaverse, and will be unveiled chapter by chapter over time.

“Your awareness is bending and twisting as space and time stretch and twist. You might be stuck in a time loop indefinitely if you don’t move quickly. You’ll be rewarded if you’re fast and clever, and select your Alliance properly.”

To claim your Alliance Sigil NFT, go to

Myria’s story

Myria is the first Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution designed specifically for the gaming industry. With our all-in-one platform, which includes the Myria NFT marketplace, Myria Wallet, Myria Game Platform, and a decentralized exchange, we make digital asset trading and blockchain gaming simple. With the goal of allowing more people to create, explore, and enjoy the advantages of blockchain and the metaverse, we’re developing a set of developer tools, including simple API interfaces and SDKs, to let developers quickly harness our platform architecture to unleash blockchain’s potential. This technology will also support our game company, Myria Studios, as it develops a large blockchain gaming environment. 

Myria Studios is working on a number of free-to-play AAA blockchain games, ranging from lighthearted multiplayer obstacle course games to action-packed battle royale shooter games and everything in between.


Myria’s Travel Guide

Many significant milestones for Myria will be reached in the following months of 2022, including the introduction of the $MYRIA Token and the Node License Sale. For their contribution to Myria’s decentralized network, Node License owners will earn $MYRIA token and NFT prizes, as well as voting rights and other perks to be announced later.

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