myNFT Gets Ready to Launch its Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

One of the most exciting things to happen in the crypto-space is myNFT’s launch of a free market for NFTs. It offers users unprecedented control over their favorite collectible digital assets and allows creators to create new ones according to customized rules and restrictions.

The “myNFT Gets Ready to Launch its Game-Changing NFT Marketplace” is a blog post by the founder of myNFT, which is a platform that will allow users to buy and sell NFTs. The company has announced plans to launch their marketplace in Q1 2019. Read more in detail here: how to buy nft marketplace.

The NFT industry is growing at an alarming rate, but there is still a long way to go before it can be considered a fully functional ecosystem for the general market. Things like crushing petrol costs, which hinder new and small-time investors, are now blocking its progress. Transaction times that are too slowly give new users little faith in the technology. People’s ability to transfer their assets across blockchains is hindered by cross-chain interoperability difficulties, poor user experience, and subpar fiat on ramps.

MyNFT, a multi-chain NFT platform, has now emerged, aiming to put an end to all of these little annoyances by offering a modern, very user-friendly marketplace that outperforms its rivals in every single area. It will provide affordable layer 2 transactions with little environmental impact and cheap platform fees (2%), as well as a revolutionary “bid to earn” auction function that will completely revolutionize the NFT industry.

A game-changing approach to how we engage with the world of NFTs is brought about by the resultant package, which adopts an original no-compromise strategy where only the very best will do.

Within the Hood

The newest invention from London-based IT company Perpetual Altruism Ltd. is called myNFT. A next-generation Web3 platform enables everybody living to participate in the NFT revolution and opens up the amazing world of NFTs to a far larger audience.

The system provides unmatched interoperability as well as all of the transactional advantages of a layer 2 chain without sacrificing security since it is built on the Moonbeam parachain, a component of the Polkadot architecture.

MyNFT will initially support a variety of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks, including Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and will gradually integrate more blockchain networks.

MyNFT provides a variety of payment choices in addition to this fantastic multi-chain sorcery. The website allows users to exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as a number of fiat currencies, including US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, and many more.


New Mechanisms for Bidding to Earn

MyNFT seeks to establish a cutting-edge bid-to-earn purchasing mechanism via its sister company, GBM, so that when a collector places a bid on an item, they will experience one of two favorable results. Either they succeed in their bid and get the reward, or they fail and receive a monetary refund.

It benefits everyone in any case!

Investing in the Future to Secure It

The company has received an outstanding $7 million in Series A investment, which will significantly strengthen the myNFT initiative. Leading the charge in terms of investments is the heavyweight SevenX Ventures, followed by Future Perfect Ventures, Signum Growth Investments, and others.

With the aid of a Moonbeam Foundation grant given for services to Web3 infrastructure and the fine-tuning of the amazing platform, this wonderful quantity of money is further supported. Following launch, they want to provide numerous new features to the NFT sector, including a next-generation minting tool.

An oiled machine

Three fully qualified, thoroughly doxxed NFT veterans are at the helm of myNFT. They recently guided the good ship Cryptograph to NFT glory. With the addition of the NFT marketplace sector to its product range, Perpetual Altruism Ltd may soon be almost unstoppable.


If all of that isn’t enough to make your non-fungible taste buds drool, interested parties can join up right now for early access and can also enter a fantastic NFT raffle for a chance to win sweet NFT goodies valued at $10k.

Sign up and find out more >> Here


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