My Neighbor Alice: January 2022 Rundown

I want to be able to help the world, but I need your help first: a question and answer bot that is powered by Ethereum. Helping people with all their questions in real time will require lots of computing power and data storage space; luckily there’s this new technology called blockchain that might just have what we need!

My Neighbor Alice is a prediction game that you can play on your phone. It predicts what will happen in the future. The “my neighbor alice prediction” is an overview of what will happen in January 2022.

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Greetings, Neighbors!

On the news front, January was a quiet month, with the development team hunkered indoors (out of the cold!) while continuing to work on the game. This month’s notable announcements, as well as some new teasers and images to check out, are included below.

  • The NFT Sale “Winter Holidays at Snowflake Island” ended on January 10th with a complete sale! This was the first time Binance’s new subscription mechanism was utilized in a sale. This is a significant modification to the mechanics of our NFT sales, and it will be implemented in the future. Check out this post for more details on the event, as well as an explanation of the Binance membership system!
  • In Tales from the Dev Team Part 1, we got a direct update from the developers. The development tools they devised to accelerate the game’s construction, as well as testing done with actual players to improve game controls, are among the topics highlighted.
  • Chain of Alliance is a new addition to the Chromia gaming environment. More information about this action RPG may be found here.

Take a look at these fun teasers!

1643891888_312_My-Neighbor-Alice-January-2022-Rundown1643891889_80_My-Neighbor-Alice-January-2022-RundownConcept Art My Neighbor Alice1643891890_261_My-Neighbor-Alice-January-2022-Rundown1643891891_780_My-Neighbor-Alice-January-2022-RundownConcept Art My Neighbor Alice

We can’t wait to share more development updates and news with you shortly, as the excitement for 2022 is only getting started! Soon, neighbors, we’ll talk again!

Alice, my next-door neighbor

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game that has introduced blockchain technology to millions of people. Anyone may purchase and own virtual islands, as well as gather and construct intriguing stuff and meet new people.

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1643891892_958_My-Neighbor-Alice-January-2022-RundownAntler Interactive’s game


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