Musess NFT – An Artistic Appreciation of the Female Body

Musess is an app that allows users to create a full-body avatar using Unity, which can then be uploaded and shared online. The app follows the concept of sharing digital art with other artists while allowing you to take control over where your work goes next.

Musess NFT is an artistic app that features a variety of female body images. The images are all created by the artist, who has also written a blog post about each image. Read more in detail here: nfts for sale reddit.

Musess is a 999-piece creative and narrative NFT collection that honors women’s attractiveness. With Armenian-born and Italian-based artist Eva Adamian at the helm, the collection employs a mix of feasible and impossible forms to highlight the female body’s endless artistic characteristics, regardless of size or shape.

Impssbl, a world-class studio for developing decentralized autonomous tales for NFT projects that build a new generation of fiction directed by communities, is the driving force behind the global feminine celebration.

NFTs Musess

The 999th item of jewelry 100 of the NFTs will be ‘Original,’ Adamian hand-draw pieces, while the remaining 899 will be sophisticated, AI-imagined parallels of the Originals, fusing the magnificence of human beings with the wonders of modern technology. 

Although all of the NFTs will be on the marvels of the female body, Adamian’s hand-drawn Originals will have a Monochrome (black and white) style, and the AI-rendered counterparts will have a rich palette of colors and textures. 

Regardless of its kind, each Musess NFT will have its own narrative, with the Originals’ tales being produced by a great group of female authors and the 899 parallels’ stories being expertly crafted by AI.

Each of the 100 Originals NFTs will also include a real canvas hand-painted by Adamian from her Italian home (which may be mailed globally), which will count as its own NFT with its own QR code and tale. 


The sale of NFTs Musess will be blind, meaning participants will have around a 1/10 chance of minting an Originals Musess NFT. The presale mint price will be 0.15 ETH, whilst the general sale mint price will be 0.18 ETH.

For the time being, the date of the mint is unknown, so keep an eye on the project’s Twitter feed for developments. 


The strategy for the project provides many of opportunities for holders to get free stuff. When 25% of the collection has been sold out, 25 Italian-grade notebooks will be airdropped to random holders, and when 50% of the collection has been sold out, 10 AI-painted Impossible prints will be delivered to 10 fortunate holders.

Original Musess owners will be able to redeem their actual item after 75% of the collection has been sold, while AI-made Musess owners will be able to acquire a ‘Impossible Print.’ The soft-cap of 75% will also be used to announce Season 2 of the project. 


After the collection sells out, the initiative will organize a ‘Battle of the Musess’ competition, in which the top five Musess tales will be made into community-owned graphic novels. It will also provide holders access to UNTLD.XYZ, a platform that uses AI to produce plots that can subsequently be coined as NFTs. The IMPSSBL DAO will also be formed here, making community-generated tale creation simple.


Impssbl, a world-class Web3 studio, is behind the initiative, with an almost completely doxxed staff that includes a founder, a co-founder, a creative director, a community builder, and a relationship manager.

Check out Musess >> Website 


The “nft sales” is a digital token that allows artists to sell their artworks. This article will explore the idea of NFTs and how they are used in the artistic world.

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