MTR Brings Locomotive Fun to The Sandbox

The MTR has been a part of the Minecraft world for years, but now it is finally able to be interacted with in a fun way. With this release comes some hurdles for players who loved trains as kids and have grown up playing on servers that don’t allow cheating. If you’re interested in learning more about how money works within the game and why it’s so important, continue reading below!

The “the sandbox news” is a blog that covers the latest updates in the world of NFTs. It has recently published an article about MTR, which is a locomotive game.

The Sandbox has teamed with Mass Transit Railway (MTR) to become the first global transportation operator to join Web3. To make the historic plunge possible, the business has purchased a parcel of land in the ever-popular metaverse, which will be home to a variety of immersive railway system experiences for locomotive fans to enjoy.

The railway-themed virtual realm will be embodied in limitless, enjoyable, and gamified experiences created by a dedicated group of producers. Driving trains, running railway stations, visiting a MTR railway museum, and unlocking an ever-expanding list of fascinating experiences will be among the activities available. 

MTR’s long-term commitment to promoting the growth of technology and innovation in Hong Kong (as seen by its recent introduction of the ‘Go Smart Go Beyond’ initiative) is also reflected in this project, as the corporation is looking into turning its Land into a STEM teaching facility. MTR believes that enlisting the knowledge and services of local IT firms may provide long-term advantages to the community. 

“We are delighted about the strategic relationship with The Sandbox to launch on our new adventure in the metaverse and connect consumers in a brand-new manner,” MTR CEO Dr. Jacob Kam said of the exciting alliance. We question our status quo and stay up with new technological developments to achieve continual improvement. This voyage into the metaverse enables us to explore the virtual realm in order to create a delightful location for our community to communicate while also seizing chances that will enhance our real-world experience beyond measure.”

A roadmap and a basic virtual station in The Sandbox will be established for the project’s following phases, with the latter including major creative and social features. MTR’s Land and all of its railway marvels will eventually be accessible to the public, allowing players to develop indefinitely.


The “sandbox mega city land” is a new sandbox game by MTR. In the game, players have to build their own train system and transport people from one place to another.

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