Most Popular Play To Earn Games And How To Play Them

No, we’re not talking about your favorite childhood game, but the latest craze in gaming is all about playing games to earn digital assets. The popularity of these types of games has skyrocketed and there are plenty to choose from on both mobile devices and desktop platforms. But what makes them so popular? And how can you play for free without downloading anything or spending a dime?

The “play-to earn games list” is a list of the most popular play-to-earn games. It includes information on how to play them and what they are in general.

Play To Earn Games has risen to a value of hundreds of billions of dollars. For one thing, earning incentives and monetary prizes while playing games is a thrilling prospect that players cannot pass up. A whole new ecology of free ownership and reward is blossoming thanks to blockchain technology.

Play to earn games, as the name suggests, are games that reward players for engaging in and enjoying gaming activities. In other words, you may have fun while earning money by playing games. Battles, breeding, completing missions, and questing are all ways for players to gain prizes in the game. 

Players may also make money by farming and staking for yield prizes. This, on the other hand, does not need active game engagement. As a result, you may profit from these games whether or not you play them.

As a reward for their efforts, players may win NFT or tokens. Players may sell or transfer these digital assets to their wallets since they have real-world worth.

Thousands of games have been released since the start of play to earn games, but only a handful of them offer fresh original ideas that set them apart from their peers. We’ll look at the most popular play to earn games and how to play them in this post.

Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie.

Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie. is perhaps the genesis of the success of blockchain and play to earn gaming. Inspired by the monster breeding game Pokemon, Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie. features a limitless open world and flexible gameplay where players can breed Axie pets. Also, players can collect, feed, raise and fight with their Axis to win rewards.

At the peak of its success, Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie. ranked as the most used dApp with the largest volume in August 2021. In fact, it is a steady source of income in the Philippines during the lockdown. Boasting millions of fans in social communities, Acie Infinity has over 100,000 new weekly users.

To start playing Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie., players can set up a new account and download the game’s client on their preferred device. Going into the game, players can participate in different modes, including PVP, special quests, and Adventure modes. In adventure, you must battle out with many monsters in 36 levels called Ruin. On the other hand, in the PVP arena, players can square out with another team to win rewards based on their MMR.



One of the most popular card trading blockchain games, Splinterlands, has been making headlines. It’s a significant new addition to the blockchain gaming scene. Splinterlands is a game built on the Hive blockchain that was first released as Steem Monsters. Players must use their decks of cards to combat mobsters in this game. Card game fans may play the game on a variety of platforms, including PCs and mobile phones.

To begin, participants must pick from over 280 different card decks. Each card contains statistics that define its fighting prowess. Combining card rarities and abilities, on the other hand, is critical to winning the game.

There are several modes and activities in the game that reward players for participating. Quests, ranking matches, and special tournaments are among the game types available. Players may also acquire card packs, dark magics, and rare NFTs by completing daily quests. Aside from that, gamers may rent or sell their cards.

Undead vs. Plant


Another popular play-to-earn game is Plant vs. Undead. The game is a tower defense strategy-based multiplayer NFT game. Players must protect their NFT garden from invading zombie creatures in this game.

Harvesting seeds in the garden, fulfilling missions, and watering plants are all ways for players to gain prizes. They may even sell their plants in the marketplace as NFT collectibles. Players must complete the instructions below to begin playing Plant vs. Undead.

  • Connect their Metamask wallet to their new gaming account.
  • Pancakeswap sells PVU tokens that may be exchanged for NFTs in the game’s marketplace.
  • The game client may then be installed on Android devices. Alternatively, you may play the game on a PC by installing an Android emulator.
  • Finally, go into your account and claim land NFTs to begin seeding.

Worlds of Alien


Alien Planet is a science fiction adventure game set in a future world where players may explore, mine, and modify their environment. Players may catch aliens in the planet and use them to mine and explore their territory.

Players must first set up their WAX wallets on PC devices before they can begin playing Alien World. They may then choose gaming avatars and explore their world. Once everything is in place, users may choose their favorite planet to mine on. They may use this to purchase land and begin mining, or they can rent land from other players and pay a commission. Players may begin by selecting Shovel as their primary mining tool. Purchasing better mining gear with more mining power, on the other hand, is advised.

Star Atlas


Star Atlass is a blockchain MMO game set in the year 2620 in a future fictitious metaverse. The interstellar exploration and interplanetary battle game Star Atlas is at the top of the list. The game is based on the Unreal 5 engine and features real-time immersive and HD cinematic gameplay.

There are several stars throughout the game that players may investigate and exploit. Players may also mine for additional game goodies. To begin, you must first select a faction and learn the basics of gaming before engaging in battle. After that, you may begin battle and open gameplay, where you can construct space stations, form alliances, and mine minerals.

Unchained Gods


Unchained Gods is another great play to earn card trading title. The game features exciting strategy-based gameplay where players must build attack and combat tactics with their decks of cards. In the game, players must battle and fight for glory in the arena to win NFT rewards. It also features a vibrant marketplace and leaderboards.

The game has three major game types in which players may engage. Solo mode, a kind of PvE, Ranked, and Direct Challenge are among them.

To get started with Unchained Gods, players must register a gaming account and also connect their wallets. Afterward, they can select their deck of cards and power before battles. As a free-to-play game, Unchained Gods offers 70 cards to new players.

A deck of 30 cards may be built by players. Their construction, however, must be compatible with one of the game’s gods. After that, participants may proceed to the combat by selecting their desired card loadout. However, before joining the combat, there is an option to use God’s might to remodel the decks.

Kingdoms of Science Fiction


Kingdoms of Science Fiction is another top play to earn title that features a DEX and an NFT asset platform. Players can buy and develop their LANDs within the game. It also has an in-game JEWEL token that serves many purposes in the game.

After creating a gaming account and buying their heroes, players may participate in tournaments. You may earn money by participating in game types or staking tokens in the liquidity pool.

To get started on Kingdoms of Science Fiction, players must set up their account and connect to the Metamask wallet. Once this is done, players can delve into various gaming and earning activities in the game. They include:

  • Stake a Single Jewel for Passive Rewards, where gamers may earn passively by staking their JEWEL.
  • In order to earn a larger APR in liquidity pools, players may also cultivate in gardens.
  • Finally, players may purchase Heroes to experiment with the game by calling them and acquiring new skills. Players may also join their heroes in PVP, PVE, missions, and adventures.

The Future Of Earning Games

Play-to-earn games, which combine enjoyable gameplay with DeFi, have expanded NFT and blockchain acceptance in recent years. It’s also been a fun part of living in a free, decentralized society. 

Every day, new games with creative themes are released. Meanwhile, a welcoming community, appealing prizes and incentives, and fantastic entertainment are all elements driving blockchain gaming popularity. In the end, only time will tell whether this is a good idea. Its waves, on the other hand, have wiped out all prospect of flops or uncertainty.

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The “play-to earn games 2022” is a game that allows players to play the game while earning cryptocurrency. This can be done by completing tasks, watching ads, or playing other games.

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