More Drama After Cancellation of Sotheby’s CryptoPunk NFT Auction

CryptoPunk is a NFT game in which players receive a card pack of tokens that represent their character’s physical attributes. Upon death, the player’s token is destroyed and any other player may use it to take control of their virtual body. The auction for these cards was cancelled without notice due to undisclosed reasons, but this has caused more drama than anticipated among collectors and developers alike who had been looking forward to owning one or multiple pieces of art based on the game.

The “crypto punks nft” is a cryptocurrency that was created by the team behind CryptoPunks. The project has been cancelled after some drama.

Sotheby’s auction house had been prepping for the ‘Punk It!’ Sale, which would’ve seen 104 CryptoPunk NFTs up for grabs on February 18th, as reported earlier this month. Despite the pretty definite preparations in place, optimistic bidders and the community as a whole have been left in disbelief when the single owner of the digital assets opted to back out of the deal at the last minute. 

The pseudonymous collector 0x650d moved to Twitter to directly reveal their self-described rugging, tweeting ‘nvm, decided to hodl,’ as well as a contextualized version of a popular Drake meme that pokes fun at the mayhem they had created in reaction to the first ‘Punk It!’ revelation.

“Bro you suck quit acting like you rugged Sotheby’s hahaha you made everyone seem dumb,” RugRadio founder Farokh said in response to the cunning Punk owner. Stop disguising your shame behind stupid ass memes, even the press here is laughing at us.” 

Although the reason for 0x650d’s withdrawal from the mass Punk offering is unclear, a tweet they sent (which has since been removed) that reads’sEe wHO’s dUmb eNouGh TO PAY the AUcTIon HouSE pREMIuM’ may provide some insight.

Regardless of their rationale, many people believe 0x650d’s behavior prior to the pull out was pure trolling and insulting to everyone interested in the auction. Furthermore, given the utter absence of consequences that would follow such behavior, it is probably an indication of the chaotic underbelly of NFT culture at the moment.

Although we would never anticipate such heinous acts to occur in a typical auction environment, the ‘Punk It!’ ‘rug’ may serve as a sober reminder of what this wild-west-like ecology may occasionally produce.

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