Miller Lite Sets Up Shop in Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality world in which anyone can own their own land and build the future of VR. In the lead up to Dec. 27, Miller Lite has been promoting its new beer garden by opening shop on a digital lot in Second Life’s L$11-land called “The Garden.”

Decentraland is a virtual world where people can create and experience content. The most popular form of content in the world is “NFTs” which stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens.” Read more in detail here: what is decentraland.

Miller Lite is coming to Decentraland, which is good news for beer enthusiasts and bar dwellers alike. In the brand new “Meta Lite” Bar, silent types may now ponder over pints of the golden nectar from the comfort of the metaverse.

The first big-name pub to open in Decentraland will kick off its new location with a nine-day Super Bowl extravaganza starting immediately. A major athletic event celebrating the United States’ love of advertising, barbecues, and the odd game of American Football. All to the tune of good times, games, and copious quantities of booze.

This magnificent new establishment has all the trappings of a classic bar. As a result, visitors will find a working pool table and dart board, as well as a vintage jukebox and an open mic setup, while beverages include a virtual pilsner on tap with flavor notes that are almost identical to the real thing.

Miller Lite Meta Lite Decentraland

In addition, the rowdy mood will be punctuated by a variety of spectacular gifts. As a consequence, “football” enthusiasts may win real-world rewards such as beer and food. All the energy needed to sit through what seems like endless hours of sport.

Head to the Meta Lite Bar >> Here

Learn More >> Here


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