Midpoint Marketplace Offers Passive Income by Licensing NFTs

The Midpoint Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace for in-game items. By launching the platform, creators can license their NFTs and accept payments without needing to worry about hosting or payment processing fees.

The “passive income meaning” is a way to make money without having to work. To do this, Midpoint Marketplace has created a platform where users can license NFTs and use them in their games.

A new generation of NFT platform is set to launch on the blockchain in Q2 of 2022. As a consequence, owners of high-value NFTs may generate passive income by leasing out their assets’ intellectual property.

Midpoint, a brand-new NFT protocol, takes a novel approach to how NFTs are maintained, enabling owners to unlock the intrinsic value of their non-fungible tokens while maintaining ownership of the asset. It will also allow businesses and artists to benefit from the popularity of the medium without having to spend a lot of money.

I’m happy to share: https://t.co/FScHchdTHV

An NFT Marketplace for IP – where you can passively earn by licensing the IP of your NFTs to brands, companies, artists, & more!

March 21, 2022 — Mr.Suit.eth (@MrMetaMask)

Midpoint will essentially function as a middleman, connecting NFT owners with those looking to lease the IP contained inside. As a consequence, the ‘licensor’ will define the terms and conditions via a customisable contract, while the ‘licensee’ will utilize the asset inside their project while adhering to the agreed-upon restrictions.

Midpoint now offers 63 assets in its early access program, including highly sought-after NFTs from the BAYC, MAYC, World of Women, CryptoPunks, and Fame Lady Squad collections. Anyone with a qualified asset may join the waiting list, and those interested in licensing the content should contact us right once.

Learn more and join the waitlist >> Here


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