MGM to Host Las Vegas’ Inaugural NFT-Ticketed Event

The world of NFTs is changing the way people think about traditional entertainment. The first ticketed event to be hosted by MGM Resorts International highlights the power that games have in this new era.

The team behind the first main event using blockchain technology for ticket sales is hosting its own tournament. However, it did not use cryptocurrency to do so and instead used an ‘M-Token’, which are easily tradeable between players on specific game platforms like OPSkins.

The “mgm las vegas hotels” is the first major event to be ticketed using NFTs, the blockchain-based digital assets that are used for trading in games.

MGM Resorts will host the first-ever NFT-ticketed event in Las Vegas. The live event will be held in collaboration with YellowHeart NFT platform and will revolve on a performance dubbed ‘TIMELESS,’ which is Jabbawockeez’s most recent work.

The 1,110 NFTs from The Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT Ticket Collection will be utilized as event tickets, with each one granting entrance to one of the crew’s performances at the MGM Grand, which will take place from April 7th to April 30th. 

Following the conclusion of the show associated with each NFT ticket, the NFTs’ ticket function will morph into a brilliant Jabbawockeez color video, which will act as a digital key that unlocks a limited tier of special offers and privileges based on the ticket type bought. 

With this in mind, there are two ticket bundles available: the VIP MC bundle, which costs $142, includes exclusive Jabbawockeez digital collectibles and TIMELESS content, as well as MGM Rewards and Jabbawockeez NFT Community membership.

The VIP ICON package, which costs $312, includes all of the above as well as a Jabbawockeez meet & greet and autographed souvenirs. Both ticket categories will also include a meal and beverage voucher redeemable at the Level Up Lounge within the renowned venue.

“NFTs usher in a new era for fans where the ticket itself is an ever-evolving experience that begins before the curtain lifts and continues long after the show ends,” Andrew Machado, one of MGM Resorts’ senior vice presidents, said of the company’s onboarding of NFTs to the Entertainment Capital of the World. MGM Resorts strives to provide guests with immersive experiences, and Jabbawockeez is the ideal partner for our inaugural NFT. They’re incredible creators who are constantly prepared to go outside the box with us in order to come up with new ideas. We’re convinced that their devoted fan base will be ecstatic to be a part of this exciting adventure.”


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