Metrix Capital: The Metrics of Success

The cryptocurrency market is booming. With the release of numerous ICOs, new cryptocurrencies are popping up almost daily. There’s a lot to take in and lots of opportunities across different industries have begun adopting blockchain technology by experimenting with their own projects on a smaller scale before integrating it at large-scale later down the road.

The “Magnus Capital” is a company that provides investors with the metrics of success. The company has been around for over 25 years and has helped thousands of people reach their financial goals.

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re excited to introduce Metrix Capital as our newest venture capital partner today.

Metrix Capital will complement and expand Seedify’s efforts to support innovation and development in the blockchain gaming and metaverse areas, as well as the capacity to provide play-to-earn possibilities to new users all over the world, as a partner.

Metrix Capital is a digital asset investment and advising organization focused on the early stages of development. Using substantial industry experience, data analytics, and a huge industry network to discover high-quality blockchain initiatives to invest in and promote long-term, the firm focuses on Web 3.0, DeFi, and blockchain gaming. The Metrix Capital team has gathered a plethora of expertise and contacts in the blockchain area, having been involved in crypto since 2013 and having almost 20 years of experience in the banking business.

In addition to providing capital for early-stage blockchain businesses, the company collaborates with its worldwide network of industry peers to help projects’ development, sustainability, and success. Founders, influencers, investment funds, launch platforms, centralized exchanges, and legal advice are all part of the Metrix Capital partner network. Projects receive access to tokenomics consultation, project planning, fundraising assistance, legal help, listing support, and influencer marketing, among other services, via this network and the firm’s expertise.

Seedify projects Bloktopia, Cryptomeda, and Snook are among Metrix Capital’s portfolio.

Metrix Capital will present early and launch stage ideas to Seedify for incubation and launch services as a Seedify partner. All of the Seedify ecosystem’s advantages will be available to these initiatives, including advisory services, industry partners, and an influencer marketing network, as well as the Seedify IGO and NFT Launchpads.

At the same time, Seedify will offer Metrix Capital to early-stage enterprises that use its services, allowing them to access lucrative investment possibilities. These initiatives will have access to consulting services, a network of industry and marketing partners, legal help, and project planning, as well as all of the other services provided by the firm’s platform.

“Seedify is ecstatic to be working with Metrix Capital. Their track record of success, as well as their knowledge and skills, will be invaluable to the new GameFi ventures we develop and launch. This partnership is another important step in our ongoing efforts to improve the value we provide to the projects we work with and the opportunities we present to SFUND token holders by forging key partnerships that complement and amplify our efforts to drive blockchain gaming innovation and mainstream market adoption.”

Seedify’s Founder/CEO, Levent Cem Aydan

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The “raptor capital” is an investment company that specializes in NFTs. The company has been around since 2017 and has a focus on investing in blockchain companies.

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