Metaversal Lore Series Quest #4

The most recent quest in the Metaversal Lore series is a bit of an odd one. It has to do with NFTs, which are making their way into other industries as well. How will these items continue to change how we interact?

“Alien worlds claim nft” is the fourth quest in the Metaversal Lore series. This quest is a continuation of the previous quests, and it’s recommended that you complete them before starting this one.


Quest #4 in the Metaversal Lore Series


Previously on Lore, there were… A single smoothie destroys the ancient Crytopedia of Metaversal Lore. Before his uncle finds out and sends him to Federation Boot Camp, Interim Librarian McCullum makes a frantic plea for aid to rewrite the book of Lore. Our narrative goes on…

‘Yo Explorer Dudes. This is your Homie McCullum. Your Lore entries last week starting with the letter C were beyond bodacious! Now, I thought with A, B & C covered I’d be home and dry. But it turns out there are more than three letters in the alphabet. Who knew?!

So, this week, I’m looking for Lore posts that begin with the letter D, which is the fourth letter of the alphabet (interesting fact!).

But, Explorer Dudes, being in this closet for the last two weeks has made me consider if the library sector is as exciting as I originally imagined. So I’ve decided to put up a job posting for a new librarian to take my place so that I may, well, move as far away from here as Metaversaly feasible.

So, this week, I’m looking for Lore posts that begin with the letter D, which is the fourth letter of the alphabet (interesting fact!).

I’ve already received my first answer (see below), but I’m not certain this guy is up to the task.

I’m in desperate need of some better choices. If you know someone who may be the next librarian, please tell us about him/her/it, and I’ll add an additional NFT to each resume! So email me your tale — along with a CV if you have one — and you’ll be rewarded! Peace!’

For the letter ‘D,’ here are a few ideas.

Prone to Divine Blade (d-vine)

The female Nordics like the Divine Blade as a weapon. The sword emanates a supernatural radiance when sheathed on the hip of a high priestess, which is honored in the classic folk song ‘The Hips Telleth Not Falsehoods.’

Pronounced Donna Diane (Don-aaa-die-ann)

Donna Diane is an astrophysicist who devised the atmospheric entry formula that enabled the Explorers to land safely on Magor. Donna Diane’s job is highly valued, particularly by the Little Green people who work around the clock to extract the planet’s abundant resources.

a canine bone (Category: Food type)

Explorers chewed this hard, sour plant extract to pass the time on their 12-week journeys.

Obtain Additional Benefits

The Metaversal Library of Lore is looking for new employees! Use the format below as a suggestion to submit your CV along with your lore submissions. Add a photo if you’d like!

Hello, Applicant! It’s incredible that you’re applying for the position of Librarian. Please tell us anything interesting about yourself:


Borgflatch Bookeater is a fictional character.

Alvaron’s Book Eaters ethnicity

Reading Books is one of my favorite pastimes.

Books are my favorite foods.

What motivates you to work at a library? As a result, I’ll be able to consume all of the novels.

Young Library Destroyer of the Year is one of his accomplishments.

Pulp Fiction has been a part of my life since I was a kid.

No criminal record – I am an expert at avoiding detection.

Flaws / Weaknesses: Poetry makes me gag.

‘We urgently needed three libraries destroyed, and Borgflatch was our lifesaver!’ says a reference from a previous employer. He did an outstanding job as Acting-Assistant Deputy Book Muncher, and I would strongly recommend him.’




Post your finest lore entries for each letter of the alphabet. An Alien Worlds NFT will be given to every meaningful contribution! Additionally, the top three submissions chosen by the community will get an Alien Worlds NFT. With your submission, please mention your WAX wallet address.

*Any submissions that are unrelated to the letter of the week will be rejected. Alien Worlds retains the right to reject submissions if they are shown to be plagiarized or otherwise fraudulent.

Saturday at 00:00 UTC till Monday at 23:59 UTC

Official Alien Worlds Discord Server (Contest Submission Channel) If you need help, please contact a member of the Community Support staff on any platform.

Voting: Following the submission period, voting will be open for 48 hours, during which the community will choose the best submissions for the week.

The “alien worlds shining” is a quest in the Metaversal Lore Series. It is the fourth quest in the series. The goal of this quest is to find and kill an alien named “The Alien”.

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