MetaPride Land to Bring LGBTQIA+ Extravaganza in Voxels

Voxels, a game-like cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain that supports VR games and other realtime applications. The goal for MetaPride is to break ground in creating an entirely new platform for virtual reality gaming.

The “when was lgbtq created” is a question that has been asked many times. The MetaPride Land to Bring LGBTQIA+ Extravaganza in Voxels will be the first celebration of its kind, and it will take place on June 22nd-23rd.

Voxels is going to get even more wonderful, so grab your light sticks and put on your dance shoes. This weekend, a 12-hour event honoring the LGBTQIA+ community will be held in MetaPride Land.

The enormous event will see the Planet Pride Festival broadcast live from the real world into the Voxels metaverse, including a wide range of LGBTQIA+-themed celebrations backed by some of the top digital producers. As a consequence, the occasion will include musicians, artists, and everything in between as they set off on an exuberant celebration of individual culture.

Communal Spotlight! As @METAPRIDELAND hosts Planet Pride to Igloo Island, Voxels, on JUNE 25, 4:30pm EST, the #Metaverse is the place to be… a 12-hour long, enormous, star-studded celebration that was livestreamed from New York City. details here

20 June 2022 Voxels (@cryptovoxels)

Galantis, SG Lewis, Blondish, and more performers will grace the stage for fans of all ideologies. In addition to the amazing all-inclusive extravagant knees up made possible by host metaverse, Voxels, a hidden special guest of pop star caliber will also arrive.

On June 25, at 4:30 p.m. EST, this great undertaking will begin on Igloo Island and last until the early hours of the following day. So here is the perfect opportunity to don those ever-flashy voxel wearables, and for Voxels aficionados to flaunt their style in whatever way they like!

Beam into Voxels and look for the big concert tent >> Here


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