Meta Game Hub Launches Handy Metaverse Land Appraisal Tool

Metaverse Land, the world’s first NFT-based real estate marketplace is officially launching its blockchain-powered Appraisal tool on October 26th. This new program will enable users to appraise their own assets based on MST price and other key data points that are stored in the Metaverse Blockchain.

Meta Game Hub, a Dao that has been created to allow for the creation of decentralized gaming worlds, has launched its first app in the form of the “meta game hub dao“. The app allows users to create a hand-drawn map and then use it as the basis for a metaverse.

Meta Game Hub (MGH) has released the newest edition of its handy metaverse land assessment tool, enabling would-be real estate investors to swiftly and simply evaluate that possible purchase.

Users may now assess virtual real estate on both Decentraland and The Sandbox, with collectors able to search by token ID as well as asset locations. The result will then provide an estimate number for the item’s current worth, taking into account aspects such as size and location. It will also give you the dirt on the whole collection, including a stated floor price and 24-hour volume.

Our V1.5 Land Valuation Tool is now available!

Get in-depth #Metaverse knowledge: life sales tracker, watchlist, and portfolio integration

With our partners @TheSandboxGame and @decentraland, we’re always providing value.

It’s worth a shot:

May 10, 2022 — MetaGameHub DAO (@MGH DAO)

MGH’s land value tool, interestingly, will provide findings in three separate currencies, each reflecting the ETH, USDC, and platform utility token estimations. These three variables, however, do not always correspond, so keep a look out for the greatest deal available.

To complement the product, MGH also provides a portfolio tracker and a watchlist. As a result, users may maintain track of various plots as well as their own personal assets at the same time. However, in order to utilize the service, you must have a linked wallet.

Decentraland and The Sandbox are currently supported by the platform. However, there are rumors that Otherside integration is on the way.

Try out the tool >> Here


The “meta dao price” is a tool that will allow users to find out how much their digital assets are worth. The app also features a virtual world where users can explore, buy, and sell items in the Metaverse.

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