MEME VIP — Drop Details and Whitelist.

The Memeverse team is hosting a blockchain-powered game that’s looking to revolutionize the entertainment industry. The goal of this article is to give readers an overview as well as provide details on how they plan to do so by incentivizing users and providing multi-level gaming experiences with no exit barriers for participants.

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Drop Details and Whitelist for MEME VIP.



MEME VIP provides our community with PFPs, membership cards, unique drops, and more. On the Ethereum network, there are only 3,555 ERC-721 tokens that are produced at random. There are no two Very Important Pineapples alike.

On February 25th, at 1:37 p.m. EST, the Whitelist mint will open. The whitelist will stay available for two hours, after which the mint will open to the general public at 3:37 p.m. EST. The VIPs will be priced at.08 ETH apiece and may be purchased in batches of up to ten per transaction.

MEMEX Membership is for those who want to be a part of the MEMEX


The MEMEX Membership Card is an annual membership card that is airdropped to VIP holders on the Fantom network before the MEME platform launches in mid-March.

This grants you unique access to MEME’s new marketplace rewards. Exclusive drops, pre-sales, whitelists, awards, and more are all included. Every year, a new membership card will be airdropped to all MEME VIPs when the previous one expires.

List of people who are on the whitelist


On February 25th, at 1:37 p.m. EST, the Whitelist mint will open. On the 24th, an official list will be released.

For the project mint, the following users will be whitelisted:

Snapshot will be taken on February 22nd at 3:37 EST PM for users having more than 500,000 $MEME Inu Tokens.

Snapshot will be taken at 3:37 EST on February 22nd for users with the MEME ticket, helmet, or rocket NFT.

The following people will be added to the whitelist for their comments and retweets:

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Tweet 2

Tweet 3

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