Meets London’s Web3 Community IRL at Genesis Event

This year’s London Web3 Summit will bring together the brightest minds of blockchain and cryptocurrency to discuss how these emerging technologies are changing society. The event, being held at Genesis Olympia in London on Wednesday 16th September, is expected to attract leading figures from diverse industries including artificial intelligence, venture capital and financial services.

The “permissionless event 2022” is a community-driven project that will create an open and permissionless ecosystem for the future of digital assets. The Genesis Event is where it all begins.

The crew attended Genesis, the first-ever gamified crypto event to take place in London’s Web3-rich metropolis. The evening was jam-packed with fantastic speakers, a gamified prize hunt, and numerous other acts that were a delight to see, thanks to Nickel Factory, a unique business with a goal to bring decentralised communities closer together via immersive and engaging IRL events. 

Interviews & Alpha

As with our trip to the NFC Summit in Lisbon, Genesis was brimming with excitement from all corners of Web3, allowing us to take advantage of a varied mix of event partners and participants by getting up close and personal via in-person interviews as official media partners.

We were able to get early access to several of the projects in attendance, including the forthcoming free-to-play NFT game ‘OpiPets,’ Web3 educators ‘Blockchain Sensei,’ NFT documentarists ‘Metacitzn,’ and others. 

Incredible Ambience & Performances

Aside from the interviews, we were able to marvel at Unifyvsn’s holographic and 3D technology, peruse the plethora of NFT artwork strewn around the arena, and witness participants immerse themselves in the QR-based gamified battle.

In addition, visual effects specialists Escape Studios screened their multi-award-winning film ‘Shimmer,’ and Moses Concas, a winner of Italy’s Got Talent, gave a (literally) breathtaking harmonica beatboxing performance, which was followed by an interview as part of his music-come-street art NFT project ‘Imagine Action.’ 

The canal-side terrace of Studio 94 (the event’s location, which was suitably located in the dynamic, multicultural neighbourhood of Hackney Wick) offered a great setting for mingling with the ever-interesting Web3 community of London while taking time away from the explicit ongoings of the event. Drinks were flowing, music was screaming, and most importantly, new friendships were being formed.

Added by the Team

We will definitely be attending more of these wonderful IRL events as we continue to offer the freshest and best NFT news to our viewers, regularly and for free. We’d also want to express our gratitude to Nickel Factory for organizing the event and enabling us to distribute our media kits throughout it.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss any of the interviews we recorded at Genesis London, and while you’re there, have a look at our collection of intriguing NFC Lisbon interviews.


The “permissionlessly” is an event that will be held in London on the 26th of October. It is a community for those who are interested in decentralized technologies and blockchain-based applications.

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