McDonalds enters the Metaverse with 10 trademark filings

McDonalds filed 10 trademark applications for various virtual items and services like games, avatars, in-game currencies, and even experiential experiences. The world’s largest fast food chain is looking to cash in on the next billion dollar industry that will be built by blockchain technology.

McDonalds has filed 10 trademark filings that they may use in the future. Trademark is a word used to describe any type of words or symbols that are used to identify and protect a product or service from being imitated by others.

McDonald’s, the world-famous American fast-food chain, has joined the Metaverse bandwagon. This is the same corporation that, only a few months ago, used its Twitter account to mock those who invest in cryptocurrency.

The fast-food behemoth revealed that they have submitted an application for ten Metaverse trademarks. “McCafé,” “McDonalds,” and its logo were among them. McDonalds will also provide “virtual food and drinks,” as well as downloadable multi-media products such as NFTs, movies, text, and audio files, according to the application.

Another intriguing application is 1C 041, which outlines their plans to provide “Entertainment services, specifically, offering online real and virtual concerts and other virtual events.”

We like the concept of virtual concerts and believe they will play an important role in the metaverse. The Foo Fighters, for example, will perform a free virtual performance after the Super Bowl on Sunday. The show will be broadcast live on the Foo Fighters’ Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as the Horizon App.

They also want to build a virtual restaurant that will provide home delivery.

McDonald’s is the latest big-name company to go on board with the metaverse and nft. High fashion clothes firms like Gucci and Burberry were among the first to see and embrace the opportunity.

Burberry collaborated with the Blankos Block Party to release a collection of fashion accessory NFTs as part of their entertaining game. Since they were originally released last year, the value of these collectibles has progressively climbed.

Furthermore, ‘in July 2021, Coca-Cola partnered with 3D designers at Tafi to organize an auction for limited-edition virtual ‘loot boxes’ of NFTs, which raised over $1 million.’

Is this the start of a flood of major corporations scrambling to register their trademarks in the metaverse?

According to Forbes, trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, who broke the McDonalds news on Twitter, he fully expects other big companies to submit the identical application. “I don’t believe anybody wants to be the next Blockbuster by ignoring a new technology that’s coming,” he said.

As an example:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trademark of MCDO?

A: MCDO is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Is Mcdonalds a trademark or copyright?

A: The trademark is a registered word or symbol that the company has used to identify its services. Copyright is a form of intellectual property law which protects original works of authorship, including literary and artistic creations such as books, short stories, poems and computer programs from unauthorized use for commercial gain by others.

Are all trademarks and names legally protected for McDonalds?

A: In general, trademarks and names are legally protected. These protections vary based on the item that is being trademarked or copyrighted. A trademark can be a word, name, symbol, image (such as an icon) used to identify a source of products or services by consumers in the marketplace. For example McDonalds has created their own brand image with many different symbols such as golden arches which it uses for its logo and
McDonalds Corporation also owns worldwide rights to any use of MCDONALDS.

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