MAYC Burned as WAGDie Promotes Chaos on the Blockchain

A new trend has emerged in the blockchain industry: Initial Coin Offerings. A way for startups to raise capital without diluting their shares or asking anyone else’s permission, these ICOs have been met with enthusiasm and criticism alike. The most recent example of this is WAGDie – a gambling platform that allows users to bet on events predicted by social media analytics platforms such as Twitter.

The “what’s blockchain” is a question that has been asked quite often. May Cry Burned as WAGDie Promotes Chaos on the Blockchain.

The next generation of NFT collectibles aims to harness the anarchic force that is reverberating across the crypto empire. As a result, newcomers ‘We Are All Going to Die’ (WAGDie) sentenced an unsuspecting Mutant Ape to the boiling depths of a burn wallet in true nihilistic style.

WAGDie urged its followers to burn their valued possessions, casting them into the black abyss of an inaccessible crypto wallet with no prospect of escape. In exchange, the former holder will be reimbursed for the inherent worth of the asset.

The Bonfire’s 21 will leave their imprint on the world soon. Their sacrifice will be commemorated with a grand display of equal exchange.

— We’re All Going to Die (@wagdie eth) 6th of June, 2022

Many people responded to the appeal, but MAYC #20438 was the star of the show. It’s all because to its not-insignificant 21 ETH price ($36k at the time, now much less). Since then, the whole of NFT Twitter has argued this illogical action, while WAGDie most likely sat back and watched the spectacle with popcorn in hand.

We Are All Going To Die tries to stir the stew when the markets crash and portfolios are ravaged. Meanwhile, uncertainty and dismay pervade social media as people try to make sense of the madness. However, as Alfred Pennyworth said, “some guys simply want to watch the world burn.”


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