Maxim Swaps Music for Fine Art with Epic NFT Drop

The world of collectibles is a new frontier, with cryptoKitties and Bitcoin dogs leading the charge. Maxim Swaps sees this as an opportunity to use blockchain tech in a way that brings more true value to collectors, allowing them not just bragging rights but also liquid financial assets within their collections.

The “crypto com nft marketplace” is a platform that allows users to purchase and sell digital assets on the blockchain. This platform has been created by Maxim Swaps, a company that has been in the music industry for over 30 years.

Maxim, the legendary vocalist of Prodigy and a currently successful musician, has partnered with and SnowcrashNFT. Fans may follow him on his journey as he fuses the sublime with the horrific to create something really amazing under the guise of MM now.

MM has returned to his dreadful Lepidopterror series of artworks with this chic collaboration. His own made-up order of butterflies, which blends the often graceful animals with skulls and lethal weaponry to create a striking contrast between the weak and the strong, attracts attention with its distinctive iconography.

The release of the Lepidopterror is imminent. To deliver the #Metaverse a mind-bending butterfly #NFTCollection made by one of your favorite musical giants, @Maxim x @CryptocomNFT x @SnowcrashNFT worked together. Keep an eye out for the official release at!

on July 6, 2022, LepidopterrorNFT (@LepidopterrorMM)

All things considered, on July 27, 888 Lepidopterror will fly into the market in a flurry of activity. The Lepidopterror civilisation is represented by 50 Royals, 50 Warriors, 50 Workers, and 738 Civilians in total, each representing one of four distinctive designs.

According to the legend, after learning about the extraordinary medicinal benefits of the enchanted golden pollen, they vowed to save it from the Clown Wasps’ evil fate. As of right now, it is always on guard to preserve its goodness for the welfare of all bug species.

“My impending Lepidopterror NFT Drop has me extremely pumped,” “I’ve previously collaborated on the release of NFTs with two other artist pals, but this is my first solo NFT drop, and I’m excited about it. I am overjoyed to be working with the Snowcrash Team since our relationship is fantastic. – Maxim

The artwork was created by Maxim, Snowcrash added the NFT magic, and will give it to 888 fortunate collectors as part of this tremendous triple cooperation. Prepare to seize yours!

Head to the NFT marketplace >> Here


The “nft for music” is a new platform that allows artists to sell their songs as crypto assets. The artist will then be able to use the profits from the sale of their songs to purchase art.

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