Master Web3 Marketing with Lunar Academy’s Stellar Course

The blockchain is getting more and more attention, with one of the most popular platforms being Ethereum. But what if you want to learn how to market your business on a platform that isn’t just for tokens? The Stellar development team has developed a new marketing course called Lunar Academy which will teach you everything from starting out as an individual trying their hand at web3 marketing all the way up to running a successful ICO in 2018.

NFTs and cryptocurrency were a lot of excitement and adrenaline a few months ago, traveling at top speed like a roller coaster. However, the euphoria has subsided and the bear market has taken hold, so now is the ideal time to focus and pick up some new Web3 abilities in order to make the most of this period and seize the next bull run by the horns.

Learn the Foundations of Web3 Marketing

With the introduction of its inaugural Lunar Academy course on Web3 marketing, Lunar Strategy, a top marketing firm in the Web3 industry, is sharing its best-kept marketing secrets and expertise.

The course was created by blockchain veterans and was selected by professionals in the field. Its goal is to introduce seasoned marketers to the quickly changing world of Web3 and provide them the skills they need to change their livelihood.

Building Web3 partnerships, public relations in Web3, influencer marketing in Web3, paid advertising in Web3, planning, strategy, and pricing in Web3, and growing a Web3 community are among the topics that participants will study.

The training is perfect for seasoned marketers who are intimidated by Web3 but want to better understand it, develop their skill set, and make the leap into a Web3 profession. It will also be helpful to Web3 project owners or community managers who wish to learn all there is to know about Web3, from how to create a thriving community to how to set up a successful strategic partnership, in order to remain afloat in the bear market.

The Liftoff

On July 12 at 1 PM GMT, the Web3 marketing course will begin taking online students. The training costs €395 but the first 100 participants will get a €100 discount. So be sure to register here and take advantage of the email early bird discount.


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