Marvel Producer to Turn Ethereum-Based Huxley NFT Comics Into Film

Marvel’s chief Kevin Feige is adapting the Ethereum-based Huxley comics as a film, and fans will be able to buy movie tickets for the adaptation of their favorite comic. The success or failure of this move could set an exciting precedent moving forward in Hollywood orgs decision making around digital assets.

The “where to read marvel comics” is a question that many Marvel fans have been asking. The producer of Marvel’s upcoming film, Ant-Man and the Wasp has announced plans to turn Ethereum-based Huxley NFT comics into a film.

Recent occurrences in the NFT market, such as efforts by IMAX and AMC theaters, show that the notion of NFTs being introduced to complement a big movie release or in honor of a famous film is quite known.

However, the sector is less familiar with seeing the opposite of this, that is, NFTs eventually express themselves as cinematic products, but Marvel producer Ari Arad is trying to alter that with his attempt to adapt the post-apocalyptic narrative of Huxley Ethereum NFT Comics into a full film.

Arad’s Arad Productions company will co-produce the film with Web3 production studio Feature. Jerome Chen, the co-founder of Sony Pictures Imageworks and an Academy Award-nominated visual effects supervisor, has been enlisted to assist with the production of the film. 

Despite the fact that the film’s cinematic trailer portrays a CGI animation look, it is yet unknown if Huxley will be a live-action or animated movie. The film’s release date is likewise unknown, but fans can anticipate to participate in a variety of Huxley-themed metaverse events in the months leading up to its release.

Ben Mauro, the author of the six-edition blockchain-based Sci-Fi story, is already well-versed in the area of cinematic projects, having worked on films like The Hobbit and Elysium. Arad has a plethora of experience to the project, having produced Iron Man and Ghost Rider, as well as another entertainment adaptation, the Uncharted film (which is a game-to-movie production).

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