Makeitneutral Courts Nostalgia with Debut NFTheEND Collection

Makeitneutral celebrates their 1 year anniversary with the debut of NFTheEND, a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by popular 90s movies. With over 100 designs in total, including classic items from The Lion King to Jurassic Park, there’s something for everyone in this nostalgic line-up.

Makeitneutral, an eco-friendly cleantech evangelist, is gearing up to launch the first of four NFT programs. They’ll distribute 888 nostalgic NFTheEND tokens in honor of all things Earth.

Makeitneutral stays firm in its attempts to atone for the world’s Co2 emissions disaster. Bringing this wonderful act to fruition via an easy-to-use digital toolset for businesses to incorporate climate change technology into their daily operations. Makeitneutral hopes to plant a billion trees and guarantee their growth for the next 70 years with this program. As a result, they’ve developed a series of blockchain-based art projects to aid in the establishment of a complete planet-saving ecosystem. NFTheEND is the first of them.

The Drop

Pre-internet There was a time when all television was analogue, with a limited number of channels that may abruptly go out at any time. All you had was a multi-colored exam card and an ear-splitting monotone, which you were going to see anyhow. The goal of NFTheEND is to tokenize the nostalgia associated with these untimely tragedies. As a consequence, there are 888 procedurally produced TV test cards, each with its own design and color palette.

Every dubious masterpiece will leave owners wistfully reflecting in a puddle of nostalgia, instantly transferring community members to a less chaotic era. A period when television suddenly ended at midnight, leaving viewers with little choice but to wait a week for the next episode of their favorite program. As a consequence, the NFTheEND artworks will fill the void left by previous eras.

At 1 p.m. UTC on November 27, the artworks will be released into the blockchain and sold for 200 $MATIC each. And, in order to keep its carbon-neutral status, the Polygon side chain, which is very energy-efficient, will be used. Owners of the initial batch of NFTs will be given preferential treatment, such as whitelist reservations for future drops, free items, and advance notice of upcoming initiatives.

Furthermore, five independent milestones will occur during the initial sale. Following the minting of just 1% NFTheEND tokens, the project will go carbon neutral. Then, the 25% mark will see charitable donations reach e-waste recycling organizations, while 10 token owners will receive a free NFTheEND NFT. At the halfway point, the merch store will open, alongside a raffle to win some Ethereum. And finally, at 100%, one lucky winner will walk away with a refurbished B&O Beovision 9000. The most sought after televisual experience in 1981.

There will be more to come

Following NFTheEND, makeitneutral will launch three more NFT collections in order to raise awareness of their wonderful mission. The makeitneutral coin will also be launched as part of a fifth initiative. A unique platform-wide money that can be used everywhere in the makeitneutral ecosystem.

At the end of the day, makeitneutral is offended by the massive amount of greenwashing that occurs in today’s society. Companies for which carbon neutrality is only a website logo, but they pollute more than ever before in the background. While this is terrible, it is made worse by the widespread availability of false and expired carbon offset certificates. Makeitneutral may guarantee that planet-saving methods are undertaken plainly and honestly, and that they are maintained far into the future, by seizing the bull by the horns and directing the show themselves.

Join the drop >> Here

Learn more about makeitneutral >> Here


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