Louis Vuitton Release Gamified NFTs to Celebrate Birthday

Louis Vuitton recently released a set of digital goods, selling them on its own platform. These are the first physical objects to be gamified and traded through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will help Louis Vuitton grow as a brand in new markets like crypto collectibles.

The “louis vuitton video game” is a new release from the luxury brand. The release comes with a series of interactive NFTs that allow users to collect and trade digital items.

After teasing its birthday festivities via its mobile app game ‘Louis: The Game,’ Louis Vuitton has published a collection of NFTs that will serve as the party’s centerpiece. Fashion-come-metaverse fans will have the opportunity to win one of ten special Louis Vuitton NFTs by playing the game with the game’s two million other players.

The concept of Louis: The Game is that users join a world where they may dress up their Louis Vuitton avatar ‘Vivienne’ and earn free and informative NFT ‘postcards’ while roaming about and collecting them.

Simply put, and with this new announcement, we now know that the value in collecting such NFTs comes from the fact that by doing so, players will be entered into a 10-part raffle for 10 unique Louis Vuitton NFTs, each with interoperable, PFP-inspired features that will allow them to be flaunted across multiple platforms. For the time being, the firm has only announced that in order to join the raffle, gamers must gather a “specified quantity.”

The NFTs’ style has yet to be revealed, but we do know that they were created in partnership with Beeple’s firm Wenew Labs and sibling business Possible, and that they will be minted from Louis Vuitton’s Ethereum wallet. Because the brand’s birthday is on August 4th, the NFT collecting window will close on that day, and the raffle will take place shortly after. 


The “louis vuitton gamer” is a new type of NFT that can be bought on the blockchain. It was released to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s birthday.

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