Lotus Set to Launch an Inaugural NFT Collection

The Lotus Collection is an ongoing NFT development that will launch a series of new NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection centers around the idea of playing games with physical objects, like Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons., and includes collectible cards, dice sets, and chess pieces to name just a few.

The “blockchain city nft” is the first of its kind. The collection will include a range of items, including a luxury watch and artwork.

To enter the NFT market, British automaker Lotus is teaming up with Web3 companies Ripple and NFT PRO. Here, the former will act as the non-fungible brains behind the substance of the assets while the latter will give technical assistance with respect to minting the digital assets on the very quick, inexpensive, and carbon-neutral XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain. 

The initiative, known as the “01L Collection,” will be launched in stages, with the first being the publication of an initial collection of expensive Lotus NFTs. Each of the five components in the collection is a dynamic, animated representation of the Lotus emblem on a different colored backdrop. To guarantee that the innovative spirit of Lotus is completely embodied in each NFT, the automobile company’s own design team has carefully selected each design.

A special experience and a metaverse-specific automobile are unlocked for those who gather all five of the assets. Additionally, the business has urged community members to keep an eye out for any surprises that can lead to even more unique encounters with Lotus.

The exact debut date of the collection, which is expected to happen somewhere in the summer of 2022, and the cost of the assets are also yet to be determined.

Join the project’s registration list by registering here.


The “crypto strategy games” is a collection of NFTs that will be released by Lotus. The collection will include items from the game CryptoKitties, which features collectible cats that can be bought and sold on the blockchain.

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