L’Oréal Prepares to Bring its Cosmetics Industry to the Metaverse

L’Oréal is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and a household name. Its products are found on shelves everywhere, and its CEO recently unveiled that it would be pioneering a new frontier: Blockchain-based cosmetics transactions.

L’Oréal is preparing to bring its cosmetics industry to the Metaverse. L’Oréal has partnered with a company called Decentraland, which will allow them to create virtual stores in a virtual world that is accessible through VR headsets.

As the fashion industry solidifies its position as the metaverse’s advocate, a growing number of high-profile personalities are embracing the cause. L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, is the latest fashionista to embrace the virtual world.

Fashion sleuths have discovered remarkable ideas for blockchain-based assets involving many L’Oréal brands. In all, the fashion behemoth has filed 17 trademark applications pertaining to NFTs and the metaverse. Virtual perfumery, haircare goods, and skincare items all made the cut, with each presenting a distinct brand and kind of cosmetic.

The applications, according to sources, encompass avatars and virtual environments while defining NFTs and digital commodities, with the virtual environments linking directly to metaverse-based storefronts that would undoubtedly adorn the streets of worlds like Decentraland.

The beauty company has filed 17 trademarks that will be used in the virtual world, including #Maybelline, #NYX, and #ITCosmetics.

#NFT trademarks for big name beauty brands filed by L’Oréal https://t.co/rqSz7kSzqb #metaverse #loreal

— February 23, 2022, WEAR NFT (@Wear Digital)

L’Oréal hasn’t said much about its metaverse ambitions so far, but the logical option would be tangible things connected to digital equivalents, enabling the corporation to demonstrate its products on multiple planes of reality.

The metaverse seems to be the ideal match for the fashion business, with its limitless scope and extremely adaptable environment. Because, unlike the clumsy actual world, it is not constrained by such petty considerations as resources, practicality, or gravity, it serves as a perfect canvas for the whole business.


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