L’OFFICIEL and The Sandbox Launch Various Web3 Endeavours

The L’OFFICIEL team is launching a new web3 initiative called the Sandbox. This sandbox will allow developers to create their own decentralized apps and test them on Ethereum’s blockchain. It joins five other initiatives, each of which has potential for growth in 2019

The “le metaverse, c’est quoi” is a new blockchain project that will be launching its own cryptocurrency. L’OFFICIEL and The Sandbox are two other projects that will also launch their own cryptocurrencies.

L’OFFICIEL, a century-old fashion and luxury media firm, has partnered with The Sandbox to undertake a number of Web3 projects, including the purchase of LAND in the virtual world, the creation of a magazine issue based on the metaverse, and the introduction of a Web3 celebration named ‘Metamonth.’ 

Benjamin Eymère, the Chief Metaverse Officer of the company’s parent body AMTD group, as well as the creators of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget, selected L’OFFICIEL’s LAND in the The Sandbox, suitably titled ‘Fashion Dune.’ The virtual arena, which will debut in September 2022 with a series of fashion and cultural displays and will have a Mars-inspired aesthetic with huge past covers of the Paris-born magazine, will function as an open-air exhibition and digital theatre.

Madrid and Borget will be featured on the cover of the issue, where they will provide an exclusive in-depth interview on their metaverse and Web3 adventure. The issue will also look at luxury fashion through the lens of Web3, including crypto markets, blockchain, and how the NFT market is upsetting the art world and forcing businesses to rethink their digital space tactics.

Finally, on May 26th, during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, L’OFFICIEL launched Metamonth, a celebration of all things Web3 that includes 32 in-language websites, print editions, and special virtual and IRL events. It all started with the ‘Let’s Mint The Party’ event, which also marked the beginning of the two firms’ relationship. 


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