Liverpool FC Launch Inaugural LFC Heroes NFT Collection with Sotheby’s

In a move that has seen the football club launch its own cryptocurrency, Liverpool FC has collaborated with auction house Sotheby’s on an exclusive NFT collection. The limited-edition EPL season ticket holder item features three different coins in FIFA 18 and will be available to purchase exclusively via LFC’s official channels.

The “lfc nft” is a new type of collectible that Liverpool FC has just announced. The club will be launching their inaugural LFC Heroes NFT collection with Sotheby’s.

With its debut LFC Heroes NFT collection, Liverpool FC, the most successful English football club, is foraying into the world of NFTs. Each of the team’s 23 great players, as well as its superstar manager, Jürgen Klopp, will be included in the collection.

Overall, there will be 24 one-of-a-kind NFT versions in the collection (one for each player and Jürgen Klopp). The NFTs will be auctioned off as part of the Legendary 1/1 auction and the Hero limited edition sale, both of which will take place between March 30th and April 1st on Sotheby’s Metaverse. 

For their bodies, limbs, and heads, each NFT will have a mix of Match Level, Fresh Mode, and Super Mode qualities, with the attributes growing more lavish as the rarity mode rises. Until a purchase is made, the player who lives in each NFT will remain a mystery. 

Owners will have access to an LFC community forum, unique experiences, virtual hang-outs, contests, guest appearances, updates from the LFC Foundation, and LFC retail discounts in addition to owning an exclusive NFT representing a football star worth millions.

The LFC Foundation, the club’s official charity, will get 50% of Legendary 1/1 earnings, 10% of limited edition Hero proceeds, and 10% of resale royalties. The LFC Foundation works to provide sustainable and long-term development to regions of significant deprivation.


Liverpool FC has launched their inaugural LFC Heroes NFT Collection with Sotheby’s. The collection is a set of eight footballers and one manager, all based on the team’s most iconic moments in history. Reference: epl nft.

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