Live CGI Launches Web3 Live Streaming Studio ‘StreamMyScreen’

StreamMyScreen is an innovative platform that has launched live streaming of web3 games on the blockchain. The company, which was founded in 2017, allows users to stream video and audio on their own channels without having to worry about third-party services or plugins like Youtube or Twitch.

The “how to live stream on youtube” is a tool that allows users to broadcast their screen in real-time. The tool is called “StreamMyScreen.”

StreamMyScreen, a cloud-based studio platform for Web3, was announced by Live CGI. It supports the creative economy by enabling quick and simple live streaming.

The product’s simplified user interface designed for Web3 and monthly cost of $9.99 is intended to attract content producers to the metaverse.

MintMyStream, which allows authors the option to mint their broadcast as an NFT, is one of the key features of StreamMyScreen.

Real-time clips from a creator’s broadcast may be sold to their audience directly via this feature on the StreamMyScreen Storefront or Opensea Marketplace.

As a result, while fans enjoy their favorite broadcasts, producers may profit from their moments.

Marc Rowley, co-founder and CEO of Live CGI, said that Web3 technology “holds the key to allowing artists and gamers to “own their streams” and develop direct-to-fan partnerships.”

“With the new MintMyScreen function on StreamMyScreen, a metaverse live streaming studio, we are resolving the issue of how producers may directly monetize their broadcasts. Creators of all types may create, mint, and sell NFTs of their own stream moments on the StreamMyScreen Storefront straight to their audience thanks to this innovative and user-friendly tool. By making the metaverse accessible to the general public, we remove the complexity and labor from the blockchain.

On their favorite social media sites like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo, creators may broadcast live streams.

Live CGI thinks their product is a stand-out investment for artists because to its low pricing and capacity to manufacture NFTs. 

Another intriguing feature of StreamMyStream is the option for users to co-stream with a buddy. The original host has the authority to determine whether the audience can see and hear the visitor. A StreamMyScreen visitor may therefore participate in a live broadcast in full or only as a commenter.

The creative economy will be stimulated by these straightforward, blockchain-enabled studio tools, which will also offer up new avenues for interaction and revenue.

“Even the most successful gamers and producers have been constrained in how they monetize their streams up until now, particularly in utilizing prospects with blockchain technology,” Rowley concluded.

With the launch of StreamMyScreen and the MintMyStream feature, we alter the game by allowing creators to fully express their creativity and earning potential while providing a wider range of choices and functionality for users to interact with. We provide everyone the option to “Own Your Broadcast” because we encourage artists to do more than simply stream.

Emmy-winning developers and designers with expertise in gaming and live streaming make up the Live CGI team.

Additionally, while they work to revolutionize the Web3 area, they have a plethora of expertise in broadcast entertainment, B2B virtual production, Unreal Engine game development, and live-streaming technologies.

In order to support live broadcasting, NFT minting, and live e-commerce in the metaverse, they provide MaaS (Metaverse as a Service) consumer goods, a new class of blockchain-based software solutions.

A new metaverse brand based on the Unreal Engine, Mempoverse, where users can watch live streamed events across the globe with their avatar, also counts Live CGI as a partner.

StreamMyScreen provides accounts with 10 free streaming hours and is now accessible at For $9.99 per month, premium subscribers get limitless streaming hours in addition to more features.

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