Lit Protocol Demonstrates Tech Through NFT-Controlled Tesla

Lit is a decentralized, incentivized platform that aims to give authors and readers alike an easy way of creating their own content. Lit has created its first project in the form of Tesla, a crypto collectible card game built on top of Ethereum.

The “nft sales” is a project that is being developed by the Lit Protocol. The goal of this project is to demonstrate how technology can be used through NFT-controlled Tesla.

As the NFT market heats up, more collectors are focusing on the use of an item rather than its appearance. So, some nut named Chris has linked up his Tesla Model 3 to an NFT in a brilliant demonstration of usefulness.

The Lit Protocol, a decentralized utility that allows unique access points to a vast array of activities, has enabled an amazing exhibition of blockchain wizardry. Providing the means for any remotely controlled device to connect to the blockchain.

Chris’ Tesla connects this remarkable technology to a Cloudfare-based app. As a result, the platform may provide a safe, double-encrypted gateway to the car’s controls. The user must link a wallet holding the NFT to the app in order to obtain access; otherwise, the app will lock them out.


Overall, this cool NFT can lock and unlock the vehicle, flash the lights, and start the engine, giving you everything you need to climb in and go on a joyride. There are a total of 10,000 “Chris’s Tesla” NFTs in existence, all of which now belong to the guy himself, who may be planning a great act of vengeance against an as-yet-unidentified foe.

Hook your own Tesla up to an NFT >> Here

Have a read of the Lit Protocol developer docs >> Here


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