Liquid Craft – Affordable Alcohol NFTs with Exclusive Airdrop

The Liquid project team is innovating the use of blockchain technology to bring unprecedented transparency into marketing, distribution and consumption. With their groundbreaking game platform, the NFT ecosystem that powers it, and an innovative new airdrop model for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on social media platforms like Reddit and Telegram – there’s never been more excitement around crypto gaming than now.

The “crypto airdrop” is an easy way to earn cryptocurrency. Liquid Craft offers exclusive airdrops for their users, and they are affordable alcohol NFTs.

Liquid Craft, a blockchain-based supplier of exquisite alcoholic drinks, is set to conduct its first large sale. Is this the low-cost, liquor-backed NFT that we’ve been waiting for?

The Dragons and Bourbon collection of tasty cocktails will be available on November 23 at 12 p.m. PST. At The Heart Distillery in Windsor, Colorado, a total of 1500 taste-bud-tingling NFTs are backed by 1500 real bottles of bourbon, an amber nectar crafted by masters of their trade.

These fantastic liquor-themed collectibles are available in two levels, one for Ethereum and the other for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Collectors may buy one of 750 bottles of cask-strength pure bourbon for 0.22 ETH on Ethereum. On BSC, 750 one-of-a-kind 100 proof (50 percent ABV) bottles are available for 0.75 BNB each. Furthermore, each device is accompanied with a one-of-a-kind NFT artwork.

Aside from the delicious NFT and liquidy goodness, customers are also eligible for a variety of amazing benefits. The finest of them is a “large” airdrop of $CRAFT tokens, the Liquid Craft platform’s upcoming native currency. Buyers will also enjoy automatic entrance to special events, as well as future discounts on the Liquid Craft platform, in addition to this wonderful gift. As a result, along with ownership, these fully tradeable NFTs will also convey these benefits.

You don’t care about all of that and simply want to savor a glass of the excellent stuff? Never fear: each NFT is “harvestable,” which means it may be redeemed at any moment by the owner. However, once Liquid Craft receives the NFT, it will be burned, and the token, along with all of its associated benefits, will be lost forever.

Head to Liquid Craft for the drop >> Here


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