LimeWire Rises from the Ashes to Rebrand as an NFT Marketplace

After being shut down in 2016, the once-popular LimeWire peer to peer file sharing program is now rising from the ashes as an online NFT marketplace. Built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain and utilizing smart contracts, this platform will allow users to trade digital assets with each other similar to how they would trade physical goods like cars or collectibles.

LimeWire has risen from the ashes to rebrand as an NFT Marketplace. The new platform is called “opensea” and allows users to buy and sell digital assets that are stored on the blockchain.

The reviving of the dead continues in the wild and unpredictable realm of NFTs. This time, pulling infamous pirating site LimeWire out of the abyss to which it had been consigned.

This May, the erstwhile peer-to-peer file sharing and virus spread site will rebrand as an NFT marketplace and move on the blockchain. Wherein it will first distribute music-themed tokens, as well as beautiful art and video material, with the odd virus and pornographic movie likely appearing in place of the files you were anticipating.

LimeWire has returned… as a non-traditional marketplace

March 9, 2022 — Engadget (@engadget)

For the time being, there aren’t many details available. Except that, after the first music-focused launch, LimeWire will shift to a more entertainment-focused platform. ‘Prominent musicians’ have already signed up for the initiative, which will provide further assistance to its users via the distribution of the native $LMWR utility token, according to sources.

LimeWire grew to popularity in the early 2000s, catering to a new breed of digital pirates. Veterans who now see the familiar logo have recollections that are equal parts nostalgic and frightening.

Learn more about the all-new LimeWire >> Here


The “beeple” is a new token that has been created by LimeWire. The token will be used to provide access to the new NFT marketplace that has risen from the ashes of LimeWire.

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