Legendary Cartoonist ‘Chris (Simpsons Artist)’ Dropping First NFT Artworks

Chris (Simpsons Artist)’s first-ever NFT, with a market value of $1.5 million USD and counting, may be his most ambitious yet. The collector’s item is already being hailed as the “first real piece of art” on blockchain.

what is nft art? The “what is nft art” is a question that has been asked by many people. This question has led to the discovery of new forms of digital art, such as “NFTs.”

WAX has teamed up with one of the most well-known cartoonists of all time, Chris Ware (simpsons artist). For over a decade, his hysterically humorous and infantile caricatures have been adored by people all around the globe.

With his first-ever NFT collection, ‘Dead Happy – Classic Collection,’ the anonymous artist is bringing back the early 2000s mood. Chris (Simpsons artistwork )’s dates back to the days before YouTube, when time was irrelevant and absurdist portraits of Prince William and Kate Middleton were all the rage.

The NFT collection will include parts from some of his most popular works from the last decade, and will be sold in two limited-edition packs with a total of 25,000 NFTs available. The Standard Pack will have five NFTs for $30 USD, while the Mega Pack will include ten NFTs for $50 USD, with five distinct rarities to choose from: Common, Collectible, Rare, Deluxe, and Ultra Rare. Collectors who open a pack and uncover one of the six vIRL® NFTs will be able to exchange them for very rare tangible art works by Chris (simpsons artist).

Chris (Simpsons artist) has been dubbed “The Internet’s Picasso” for his brilliant ideas and drawings. His work is not only funny but also provocative, which is why his followers can’t get enough of his insightful remarks. It all began when he was five years old, when The Simpsons sparked his creativity and he couldn’t stop himself from drawing his favorite characters. Now he’s a worldwide cult figure, poised to release some of the most historic and unique NFT artworks on WAX!

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