Ledger to Build its Own NFT Marketplace and Web3 Services Platform

Ledger is taking on the world of digital assets with an ambitious plan to provide a unified wallet experience and develop services for developers building decentralized applications.

Ledger, a popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet, is working on its own non-fungible token marketplace and web3 services platform. The company has recently launched its new “digital ledger that stores non fungible tokens” which will allow for the trading of different types of digital assets.

Ledger, a pioneer in hardware wallets, recently announced during the Op3n conference at NFT NYC that it will be developing its own NFT marketplace and Web3 services platform for enterprises to use. Brands like Tag Heuer, DeadFellaz, and Brick/Babylon have already declared their intention to put their assets up for sale. 

Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of the business, claims that the venture’s goal is to help brands and artists during every stage of their NFT journeys, from production to minting to distribution. The platform will be created with security and transparency at its core, as is to be anticipated from Ledger.

Ledger will soon launch a Web3 services platform called “Ledger Enterprise Create” that will allow businesses and artists to construct Web3 projects while maintaining total creative control. 

Overall, the business has indicated that such endeavors are a necessary element of its obligation to inform its two million daily active consumers about the variety of next-generation technology that is at their disposal. Ledger Quest, a Web3 game that teaches players how to make money using NFTs, and Ledger Academy, a platform for users to learn more about blockchain technology and security, are both being launched by the firm in keeping with this approach.


The “Ledger to Build its Own NFT Marketplace and Web3 Services Platform” is a company that has announced that it will be building its own nft marketplace and web3 services platform. Reference: make your own nft site.

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