Launches an Automated Metaverse Advertising System

Etheremon, the first fully decentralized & free Monetization and social game on blockchain is set to launch their automated advertising campaign for the Metaverse. They will be launching a new platform that would allow anyone with an ERC20 token to provide ads and receive payments in ETH for each view of that ad. This could help give crypto-friendly games like CryptoKitties more mainstream traction outside of just trading them on centralized exchanges!

The “nft ads” is a decentralized advertising system that launches an automated metaverse advertising system. The nft ads allow users to advertise on the blockchain without having to pay for each ad.

is excited to announce the introduction of its groundbreaking new booking system, which enables users to submit and pay for personalized billboard adverts in the Metaverse using an automated book-and-pay system. Through a simple and efficient user interface, this is the first-of-its-kind solution for advertising in the Metaverse, assisting thousands of new companies in joining Decentraland.

A Simple & Intuitive System for Advertising in the Metaverse 

Without having to write or construct in the Metaverse, users may now reach a worldwide audience in minutes. The easy checkout procedure lets anybody from anywhere to connect with the Metaverse and promote their branding message on billboards peppered across Decentraland, without requiring any specific abilities.

“This is the first step in making Metaverse advertising available to any forward-thinking companies looking for visibility in the Metaverse,” said Chris Thomas, the company’s founder.

Locations for Premium Advertising Throughout Decentraland

How Does It Work?

Brands, projects, and prospective clients may be visible on a global scale and connect directly to the Decentraland community who routinely visit the billboard kiosks to teleport to different spots across the globe using a simple five-click booking system.

Users may submit their own design suited to their vision and pick from two ad kinds with varying sized billboards. Clients may also use a custom reporting dashboard to track the development of their campaign on a daily basis. Reporting contains information such as the total number of views to date, views by Metaverse location, visitor geolocation, and language.

Launches-an-Automated-Metaverse-Advertising-SystemUnique Reporting Dashboard to Track Your Campaign’s Progress

The automated booking system is based on a pay-per-view model, with prices beginning at 0.01 ETH. You can select the number of views you want for your Decentraland billboard advertising campaign, with pricing varying on a sliding scale depending on the number of views you want to book. In the following weeks, there are plans to extend this technology into Voxels, Somnium Space, and other virtual environments.

The Metaverse is the next phase in the internet’s transition to Web3, and Metaverse advertising will be critical for artists and businesses looking to position themselves as thought leaders in the sector.

Try out the automated booking system >> Here

Alternatively, you can enter by scanning the QR code on the main image.


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The “nft news website” is a new project that launches an automated Metaverse advertising system. The project has been created by the nft group, which was founded in 2017. The company plans to use the platform to create a decentralized advertising network.

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