Larva Labs Trail of Breadcrumbs Sparks Meebits Treasure Hunt

The blockchain-powered gaming company Larva Labs launched a new treasure hunt game called Meebits. Players have to use the in-game currency, which is physically stored on the Ethereum network and isn’t milled into coinage by central banks or minted as physical tokens like other cryptocurrencies.

The “Meebits dao” is a cryptocurrency that was created by Larva Labs. The “trail of breadcrumbs” is an interactive game that allows players to collect Meebits and trade them for prizes.

Over the course of 10 months, a single Meebits NFT remained idle, waiting for the blockchain’s best codebreakers to crack its code. That is, until crypto detectives tracked out a trail of binary breadcrumbs and freed it from its digital jail.

The epic narrative started with the ‘grails drop,’ which consisted of 20 one-of-a-kind masterpieces by 20 unknown artists. Collectors discovered that item #11 was a prototype of Larva Labs’ landmark AutoGlyphs collection at the grand unveiling. Then, during an open Discord conversation, user ‘Iceman’ pointed out a strange collection of symbols above the artwork.

Following this clue, crypto investigator Andrew Badr started to work, swiftly figuring out that the symbols were binary code. “SECRET IS IN THE PIG NUMBERS-LL,” a mysterious phrase showed itself once understood. He knew he was onto something at that point.

This is the tale of how @larvalabs, the designers of Cryptopunks, buried a hidden NFT reward about a year ago, and how a few friends and I finally solved the riddle to claim it.

March 14, 2022 — Andrew Badr (@andrewbadr)

Andrew enlisted the support of a bunch of pals to break the next code, assuming he wasn’t the only one on the treasure hunt. It was fair to assume that the hog reference was referring to the Meebits pig avatars. A hunt for any significance in the edition numbers, however, proved futile.

Following this setback, the researchers quickly found another group of intriguing numbers inside the dataset. They discovered 64 jerseys with the information they were seeking for while adorning 64 swine avatars. The team of cyber sleuths were able to open an Ethereum wallet holding Meebit #2858 and 0.025 in ETH, presumably to pay gas expenses, by decoding these digits.


The “larva labs new project” is a game that has been released by Larva Labs. The game is called “Trail of Breadcrumbs Sparks Meebits Treasure Hunt”.

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