Land Ahoy! Prime Illuvium Real-Estate is on the Way!

The land is near the beach and the water, so you can enjoy both without worrying about noise. It’s surprisingly affordable in such a high-demand area, but that won’t last! Don’t wait too long to see this place soon.

The “illuvium land sale” is a new type of asset that is being developed by Prime Illuvium. It will be available in the future and will be an exciting opportunity for investors.

The long-awaited Illuvium project’s massive machinations continue to gain steam. It’s the most recent spectacular achievement, bringing excellent real-estate into the picture.

The much-anticipated Illuvium land auction will begin at 1pm UTC on June 2 and will last three days. Interested parties may purchase one of 20k parcels of land in five distinct degrees of scarcity at this period. Each object has a specific function in Illuvium: Zero, a new desktop and mobile companion game.

Land Sale in the Illuvium Universe

Own and Earn on Your Slice of #illuvium Extract Fuel for Use in Illuvium Games Scan Your Land for #illuvial Blueprints 5 Tiers of Finite Land Plots Own and Earn on Your Slice of #illuvium Extract Fuel for Use in Illuvium Games Scan Your Land for #illuvial Blueprints Illuvium: Zero is a mobile companion game for Illuvium.

Now is the time to register:

April 15, 2022 — Illuvium (@illuviumio)

Landowners may purchase plots via the official Illuvidex marketplace, with levels one through four being sold in a Dutch auction with starting prices ranging from 2 to 80 ETH. Each auction will take place once every hour in groups of 278 people and will last two hours. Prices will be reduced at a rate of 2.5 percent each minute throughout this time. Those with top-tier designs, on the other hand, must go through a three-day English-style auction, in which the highest bid wins.

Illuvium will launch a total of 100k distinct land parcels throughout the course of a series of events, each of which will create fuel and materials to allow owners to monetize and improve their property, as well as concealing hidden blueprints that open up new crafting potential.

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