Kevin Smith Eyeballs Spring Release for His NFT Directorial Debut

The director, comedian and online critic Kevin Smith is getting ready to release his first major film in 2019. His new project, Tusk was announced last year as the first feature-length film with a crypto component. While it may be early yet to see if blockchain will become prevalent in Hollywood due to its promise of cutting out middlemen, time will tell what big steps studios take when planning their next blockbusters.,

Kevin Smith, a well-known film filmmaker, has announced that his next film would be released exclusively on NFTs. As a consequence, the ‘Killroy Was Here’ franchise will premiere this spring on the Secret Network.

Smith, a non-fungible proponent, wants to release the comedic horror picture as a collection of 5,555 tokens. LegenDAO is launching via the NFT launchpad and will use the Secret Network, an unique platform that limits content to those who own the token.

Each NFT will have a one-of-a-kind generative artwork of the main character, who will most likely be called Killroy. As a result, holders will be able to produce personalized content using their NFTs. Following that, Kevin and his team will choose the finest ideas to use as the basis for a sequel, with the goal of creating a self-sustaining franchise based on the clever NFTs.

KILLROY IS ON HIS WAY! The film “KillRoy Was Here” will be the first-ever NFT! And we want YOU to be a part of the sequel by creating your own KillRoy! Thank you to our collaborators @SecretNetwork, @LegendaoNFT, and @CurioNFT!

April 6, 2022 — KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith)

In the future, the Dogma director intimated that the film might be released to a larger audience. However, since it will be released over the Secret Network, it’s fair to assume that NFTs will be involved. As a result, the original collection may be distributed to a larger audience while keeping its uniqueness.

“My ambition is for ‘KillRoy’ to become its own self-sustaining franchise inside the crypto and NFTs worlds, without ever having to leave the blockchain.” Kevin Smith (Kevin Smith)


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