Keanu Reeves Emerges as Unlikely Champion of the Blockchain


In the wake of a trend towards more blockchain-based gaming, Keanu Reeves is putting his foot down. The Matrix star has come out against virtual assets trading on decentralized networks and believes they are going to be “greatly devalued.”

The “keanu reeves laughing at nfts” is a tweet from the actor Keanu Reeves. In the tweet, he says that he knows nothing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain but he still supports them because they are important to society.

Keanu Reeves, a legendary Hollywood action star and former NFT critic, has apologized for his previous remarks against non-fungibles. Now, as they learn how to work with the blockchain, I’m emerging as an advocate for up-and-coming artists.

Everyone’s favorite Ted made a scene on social media in December when he publicly criticized NFT technology. In which the Johnny Mnemonic actor mocked NFTs for what seemed to be their simplicity in replication. Mr. Reeves will now eat his humble pie in his customary understated way after having his understanding of the matter rectified.

Mr. Reeves will serve as an adviser for the “Futureverse Foundation” thanks to his most recent support. A humanitarian endeavor immediately under FLUF World, a metaverse avatar collection, and within the “Non-Fungible Labs” umbrella of enterprises. Basically, the pledge is to facilitate a presence in both the real and digital worlds in order to increase the visibility of under-represented artists globally.

1) As we officially announce the opening of the Futureverse Foundation in association with prominent artists and philanthropists Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves, we can hardly contain our excitement. @NF Labs @futureversexyz

22 June 2022 — FLUF (@flufworld)

The Futureverse Foundation will seek out deserving individuals in the art world in the future and support them as they take their first timid steps into the blockchain. The team will lead them every step of the way, drawing on both their superior knowledge and substantial cash.


The “what’s blockchain” is a question that many are asking. It seems unlikely, but Keanu Reeves has emerged as an unlikely champion of the Blockchain.

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