Join the Comic Book Renaissance with Satoshi Master of Disguise

Solo comic book and story creator Satoshi Master of Disguise has a Kickstarter going to bring his work into the world. The project is looking for funding to give him enough time to create art, scripts, and stories for three whole comics so that he can start publishing them on December 1st-4th. If you want some unique crypto collectibles this holiday season click here!

The “breaking news nft” is an NFT that will allow you to join the comic book renaissance. The item was created by Satoshi Master of Disguise and it can be purchased on the blockchain.

In a science fiction setting not too distant from our own, the crypto empire has all but been overthrown by the evil strategy of centralized finance, which used a lot of deceit and skulduggery to sow doubt, confusion, and dread across the blockchain-based ecosystem. As a result, we now live in a dystopian world where affluent businesses have complete control over the money of the general public, trapping them in a cycle of market manipulation and sneaky interest rates.

A brilliant light has erupted from the darkness just when all seemed to be gone. A mysterious, faceless creature whose mere existence will make financial conglomerates terrified. Although he goes by several aliases, most people refer to him as Satoshi – Master of Disguise (SMoD).

By using the power of the blockchain to create 10,000 distinct NFT avatars, Bitcoin Comics hopes to restore order to the Web3 universe, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic character of the famed crypto messiah. They will then serve as the driving force behind an accompanying graphic novel, the plot of which will be determined by a number of character traits. As a result, it will become a valuable asset that its owners can monetize by creating and disseminating physical and digital copies and sharing it with a wider audience.

Everything Begins with 10,000 NFTs

In the form of 10,000 distinct NFT avatars created on the carbon-neutral ImmutableX blockchain, SMoD will debut on Web3. It will come in a variety of vibrant visuals with a mix of six layers, 185 distinct features, and five degrees of scarcity. Each one will decide how the provably original comic book tale of the holder is told.


On July 14, an exclusive pre-sale on the ImmutableX marketplace will provide the first of these NFTs. So, keep an eye on the project’s social media pages for information on how to get a fantastic early bird SMoD NFT and get the title of “founding member” as a bonus.

Take to the Twittersphere to find out how to claim >> Here!

The Comic Has The Utility.

The enthusiasm usually ends with the debut of an NFT project, but with SMoD, the excitement really starts with the launch. Every SMoD NFT holder will have access to their own personalized graphic book. An NFT’s unique character qualities will be used to create a one-of-a-kind comic in this masterwork in non-fungible circles.

Owners will thus witness a variety of conversation and characters inside its special pages depending on the cumulative qualities of the NFT they possess, as well as an increase in the intricacy and rarity of the story dependent on the quantity of characters housed within the associated wallet.

Additionally, by giving owners the resources needed to print copies of their goods both physically and online, Bitcoin Comics will encourage owners to further monetize their wonderful assets via its magnificent new “Decentralized Publishing” project.

Its Beating Heart is Community.

While the SMoD project represents the non-fungible side of Bitcoin Comics, the community still serves as the platform’s lifeblood, with members who contribute to and are invested in the platform’s long-term success. A community voting process will be implemented by Bitcoin Comics to allow users a role in the series’ development and guarantee its long-term viability.

“Community is important. We are placing SMoD holders at the center of our initiative by designating them as our exclusive distributors and allowing them to vote on the specifications of our site. Co-founder of Bitcoin Comics PaulPaul


Bitcoin Comics

Bitcoin Comics is an innovative new concept that looks to circulate comic books through the Web3 ecosystem and revolutionize the industry with its pioneering Decentralized Publishing offering. This will empower individuals to own and distribute their own content in both the real and virtual worlds.

“We started with the idea of a comic book being created on the blockchain, which could be a parody of the invention of blockchain technology. We soon realized that to do this justice, we would need to innovate technology to create a distribution system that could only exist in the NFT space.” – PaulPaul – Bitcoin Comics Co-Founder

Take a gander at the official SMoD website >> Here

Learn more about Bitcoin Comics >> Here


The “nft news global” is a comic book that follows the story of Satoshi Nakamoto, who creates a digital currency called Bitcoin. The comic was created by an artist from Brazil and published on NFTs Crypto.

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